The BCNE is committed to investing in the lives of teenagers and the adults who minister alongside them, laying a foundation for life-long spiritual transformation. The five ministry opportunities below provide the foundation for youth leadership development within the BCNE.



Summer Youth Camp


Leadership Development for High School Juniors


Winter Youth Retreat


Leadership Development for Adult Youth Leaders



Adult Youth Leader Training


Did You Know...?

  • The four least religious states in the US are located in New England, as are 5 of America's 6 "most post-Christian" cities.

  • Less than 4% of New Englanders are part of an evangelical church. That means there are about 3x more atheists and agnostics in New England than evangelical Christians.

  • More than 350 churches are part of the BCNE network.

  • Most youth groups average 15 students.

  • Most youth leaders are volunteers.

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