The Christian life wasn't meant to be lived alone.

We know this is true for individuals, but it's also true for churches. We can see from the books of Acts and the letters of Paul that autonomous churches prayed for one another, supported one another and encouraged one another.

Our desire at the Baptist Convention of New England is to follow this New Testament example. 

We believe that being part of a denomination provides a connection with other Gospel-minded churches that leads to fellowship, accountability and partnership in the cause of Christ. By working together, through a healthy balance of both giving and receiving, we can serve God more effectively.

Joining the BCNE

Is your church interested in partnering with us? Here are the steps to officially affiliate with us.

  1. Review the The Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention to make sure your church is in theological agreement with our organization.

  2. Meet with a representative of the Baptist Convention of New England to discuss your potential involvement. We would happy to answer any of your questions during this time.

  3. Conduct an official vote according to your church's requirements to approve joining the BCNE network.

  4. Complete and submit the application for affiliation, along with your church's first gift to missions through the Cooperative Program. (Learn more about the Cooperative Program.)

  5. Within 90 days you will receive a letter stating that you are officially part of the network and are entitled to all the benefits listed below. Your church will remain in good standing as long as you fulfill the four responsibilities of BCNE membership.


  1. Accept and teach the theology expressed in The Baptist Faith and Message.

  2. Give to the Cooperative Program each year to support regional, national and international missions. (We suggest tithing 10% of the church's undesignated receipts, although each church may determine how much they will give. Churches should give at least $500 per calendar year. Learn more or give online at our Give page.)

  3. Fill out the Annual Church Profile each year. This information is necessary to apply for grants that allow us to help churches in financial need.

  4. Send at least one representative to the BCNE annual meeting and celebration in early November. This representative may discuss and vote on convention business.

  5. Make every effort to grow in spiritual maturity as a church body through being equipped for more effective ministry and becoming an equipper of other churches.


  • Pastoral Support: Pastors often need someone safe to talk to outside their congregation. Our staff members are available for email, phone and personal consultations. You will also have opportunities to connect with other New England pastors.

  • Retirement and Insurance: Pension plans for pastors and church staff are available through Guidestone Financial Resources. The BCNE provides an additional retirement contribution for churches that contribute $500 or more to the Cooperative Program each year.

  • Education: Students from affiliated churches can attend any of the six Southern Baptist graduate-level seminaries in the U.S. at a reduced rate. Members of BCNE churches may also apply for additional scholarships.

  • Financial Support for New Churches: Thanks to Cooperative Program gifts from all over North America, the BCNE is able to invest over $1 million each year in helping start new churches across New England. Church planters are assessed and mentored through our church planting department and the North American Mission Board.

  • Training Resources: Churches can borrow materials, programs and resources for free through our lending library.

  • Ministry Training: We are here to equip you through dozens of training opportunities covering a wide variety of church ministries. We can even help with customized training. Explore our Church Growth pages for more information.

  • 501c3 Tax Exempt Status: Churches in good standing have access to the Southern Baptist Convention's tax exempt privileges.

  • Missions: Your financial cooperation helps support more than 9000 church planters and missionaries worldwide through the Cooperative Program. We can also help prepare your church to go on a short-term mission trip.

  • Disaster Relief: You will have the opportunity to be involved in helping those in need through an active Disaster Relief ministry when extreme weather threatens the region. Southern Baptists have a fleet of mobile kitchens, showers, mud out units and more.

  • Volunteer Assistance: Volunteers often come from other states and regions to serve on short-term mission teams in New England Baptist churches. The BCNE can share your volunteer request with a network of partners.

  • Conflict Management and Resolution Resources: Our staff and leaders are available to help during times of crisis and conflict.

  • Pulpit Supply and Interim Assistance: The BCNE keeps a list of men who are available for pulpit supply during a pastoral vacation or vacancy. We also train qualified men to serve in this capacity.

  • Decision Making: Churches in good standing may choose representatives to attend and vote at the Baptist Convention of New England annual meeting and celebration each November and the national Southern Baptist Convention each June.

  • Communication Network: BCNE churches are connected to a communication network through our website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, smartphone app, prayer network and newsletter updates.