Quest is a leadership development opportunity for high school students from across New England during their junior year. This unique experience helps teens deepen their spiritual walk through working as a ministry team, learning about spiritual gifts, sharing their personal faith stories and growing as servant leaders. Quest is divided into three phases and culminates with a 10-day overseas mission pilgrimage.


Recommend a Student

Who should I recommend?

Students who:

  • Will complete their sophomore year of high school in June.

  • Are growing Christians.

  • Are involved in the local church and youth group.

  • Demonstrate a potential for leadership.

  • Have a grade point average of 2.75 or higher.

  • Are able to attend all Phases.

How to recommend a student:

  • Contact the student and their family about Quest.

  • Confirm that the student meets the criteria and is able to attend all Phases.

  • Complete the recommendation and return it to Allyson at the BCNE by early summer.

  • Congregations who recommend students to Quest must also commit to help support them financially.

Application Process

Youth ministers, leaders or senior pastors locate students who fit the profile and age requirement and fill out an online recommendation by June 1. Request more time if needed

Recommended students will be mailed the Quest Application in the spring along with a deadline. Those who complete the application process will be assigned to the Quest Bible study group(s) during CrossWalk (Aug. 5-10, 2019). Students will participate in team building and lessons on spiritual gifts and servant leadership using the resource "Jesus on Leadership."

Following CrossWalk, the faculty will make selections for Quest. Selected students will be assigned to travel teams. Students will locate a mentor, apply for a passport and complete their first assignments in late August.


Cost is about $2500. (This includes registration for YEC 2020.) Each student will be expected to earn a minimum of $500 due on Labor Day. The rest is due by December 1 and can be obtained through the local church support and personal fundraising.


Questie & Parent Cookout, Saturday, Sept. 7  
The Quest Faculty will host a cookout for Questies and their parents, including a parent information meeting and a meeting for the newly named Quest teams.

Fall RetreatColumbus Day weekend
Quest students will spend the weekend working on group building, as well as cultural studies, drama and worship. The weekend retreat cost is covered by the Quest mission offering given at CW.

Midway Check-In, December
Quest students meet a Saturday in early December to begin travel preparation. Includes check-in for fundraising and spiritual accountability.

Prep & Pray and YEC, January
Quest students are expected to attend Prep and Pray on a Saturday in mid-January and YEC, during the last weekend of January. A commissioning time for the Quest team will be included during YEC.

Team Trips, February
The teams will travel to their selected countries in February, when many New England schools have winter break. Quest 21 teams will travel to the Dominican Republic, Scotland and Hawaii on the approximate dates of February 12-23, 2020. A post-trip celebration will be held on the Saturday following the teams' returns.

Post Trip Debrief and The Merge
A post trip debrief will be held in the spring. In addition to debriefing the team trip, Questies will be challenged to apply the Quest experience during their senior year through The Merge.