As part of the body of Christ, we have the privilege and responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus with the millions of people who don't know Him. But sharing the Gospel regularly and effectively requires intentional planning. The Laws of the Harvest, 5 practical evangelism principles, are a great starting point.

Evangelism Principles

1. The Harvest Begins with God

Evangelism must begin with a vibrant and healthy relationship with God. Ask yourself: Is my church passionate about Christ? If not, your first focus needs to be your church's spiritual health. If you're not sure where to begin, contact our office at 508-393-6013 and ask to speak to a member of our Church Growth team.

2. The Farm and Workers Must Be Ready

Each church must have a vision for reaching the community and a plan for sharing the Gospel, welcoming a new believer into the church and helping him or her grow in faith. If you haven't yet developed a clear path for introducing people to Christ and helping them grow in their relationship with Him, we can help you begin to develop one.

3. Soil Must Be Examined and Prepared

Knowing and adapting to the local community is an essential step in effective evangelism. Consider how you can meet community needs and share the Gospel. We have several tools to help, including the Mapping Center.

4. Seed Sowing Must Be Regular, Persistent and Intentional

Sharing the Gospel can take a lot of forms: one-on-one evangelism, servant evangelism, compassion ministries, mass media or other actions that demonstrate the love of God in word or deed. But you can't expect a harvest if you aren't planting seeds. What changes does your church need to make in order to prioritize sharing the Gospel? Learn more about online resources or contact our Church Growth team if you'd like some fresh ideas.

5. Harvest Is the Culmination of the Process

When people respond to the Holy Spirit's call to become followers of Jesus Christ, the church must be ready to disciple and walk with these new believers as they figure out how to live their faith. The BCNE can equip you to set up a discipleship program. Call us to learn more.

What's Next?

Our team can help your church take the next steps in becoming more evangelistic and reaching your community. We offer regular events and are ready to consult with you about your needs or provide a customizable workshop or training event on evangelism or discipleship at your church. Reach out to someone from our Church Growth team at 508-393-6013 or apply for an evangelism grant.