Project & Partner Needs

Is God moving you to serve in New England? Below are some of our priority requests for 2018. We have churches looking for long-term partners, as well as help with outreach events, prayerwalking, construction and more. Some church plants are even looking for core team members to move to New England and help plant a church. Please contact each church directly for more information. If you're looking for a custom placement according to availability, location, or skill sets, contact Tim Buehner at 508-393-6013 x222. 

Connecticut & Rhode Island

#1-19 Evangelistic / Community Events, Construction, Prayerwalking: Wethersfield, CT CenterPoint Community Church has multiple needs now through 2019.  They would like to do a survey and prayer walk of their community in connection with their Coffee Shop.
A survey team the week or two before would be helpful to get the word out and to get everything prepared.

They need construction teams to help (1) install flooring (Laminate or vinyl) to cover our tile floors (2) remove a drop down ceiling and move some lighting and sound wiring. They may need help in the financing of the ceiling project. Their coffee cafe in the church lobby to share free coffee with their community is key to building more relationships. They need new or used professional coffee machines and accessories to help make it a better experience.

Housing: They have an RV that can sleep 7 and host homes for more. People can sleep in the church too- showers at a local rec pool.

Contact: Philip Barnes,, 405-996-0174 

#2-19 Evangelistic / Community Events: Quinebaug, CT Quinebaug River Church has 2 large community events a year in order to build relationships and connect the church to the community that mission teams are needed to serve in. They are: (1) Princess Party: The biggest party of the year for princesses aged 12 and under! Singing and dancing, hair and nails, food and friends! It is held in a local grade school. Conducted in April. (2) Tough Buddy: This event is an obstacle course mud run for students 12 and under, and is scheduled for a Sunday in September in a local park.  Contact: Josh George,, 860-478-1244 

 #3-19 Partnership: Hartford, CT (Church Plant) Living Faith Church has a vision to worship in a facility in which it can generate earned income to sustain the ministry. Although donations from weekly attenders are accepted, the socioeconomic climate of the neighborhoods where the church is located suggest earned income and donations from non-local partners will be necessary for beginning this vision. They are seeking partners to help. They could use mission teams to assist with VBS and other evangelistic events as well. Contact: William Clark,, 863-512-2947 

#4-19 Equipment, VBS & Partnership: Glastonbury, CT The River Church, as a mobile church using a school, has a number of needs. The need equipping with either a van or trailer plus truck in order to transport their church equipment each weekend. They also need a computer in order to run their worship and check-in. They also need sound equipment. They really would enjoy having a team come and lead, staff and train a VBS this next summer! Contact: George Lim,,  619-246-6504 

#5-19   Children & Youth Partnership:  Putnam, CT Green Valley Crossing is a growing church in a town of 10,000 is in the second phase of its growth. Their children and youth ministries are in need of investing to meet the growth. Some of what is needed are: teaching materials, craft supplies, furnishings and toys for preschool or children. This church is baptizing new believers and is fully committed to planting other churches in the region where only 2% of the population know Christ.  Contact: Riley Prather, or 860-933-9822     

#6-19 Construction (Clean & Paint): New London, CT  Huntington Street Baptist Church is an older urban church in need of fresh paint on the outside.  They need a team to power wash and paint the exterior of their concrete block education building which is three stories, about 60' by 30', readily accessible from the paved parking lot, using a towable lift, available for rent locally. They can cover the cost of the paint and lift, if needed, but would rather save that money for roof maintenance! They may also have need for tree removal at the parsonage. The church can house up to 50 people, have a kitchen and showers too! Contact: Bud Westbrook,,  860-460-3437 

#7-19 Evangelistic Event (VBS), Mission Teams Waterbury Baptist Ministries is looking for mission teams of 15+ for this upcoming Summer 2019. They need teams for a variety of VBS style day camps they do throughout the month of July. Team members can be older middle school to  Adults. The dates are July 7-12, 14-19, 21-26, 28-Aug. 1.  The VBS run Monday-Friday each week except last week when it ends on Thur night (parent night).  Teams are responsible for materials, most meals and housing. They need to have the teams without a gap as it is essential for continuity of care for families.  Contact: Maner Tyson,, 203-754-5140

#29-19 Construction (Renovation) & Partnership: Providence, RI West End Community Church is needing a mission team to assist them in updating and renovating restrooms in their newly acquired older building. This young church is reaching a very vital and challenged part of the city. Your skills and gifts are very needed.  Contact: John Ames,, 401-484-7104 

#30-19 Construction (Building Addition): Warwick, RI Faith Baptist Church is seeking to build a considerable addition onto their building for ministry. Multiple teams will be needed for all areas of construction. Framing, HVAC, electric, plumbing, sheetrock and more will be needed. Help to be good stewards by reducing the overall costs. Contact: Pastor Ed Stutz,, 401-738-7664   

#31-19 Construction (Renovation & Repair) & Evangelistic Events: Cranston, RI

Grace Bible Church has acquired its first building, which is in need of many renovations and repairs. They are now the only evangelical church in the heart of this city. Some construction related needs are: exterior trim paint, siding repair, floor for fellowship hall, renovate a youth / class room and possibly shower installation for visiting mission teams. Literature distribution for teams as they do once a week VBS style event for kids. Housing options include: church building (includes kitchen), local hotels and RI School of Design. Airport is in nearby Warwick, RI.   Contact: Dan Crichton,, 401-481-0030 

#32-19 Evangelistic Events (VBS / Summer school lunch): East Providence, RI Lighthouse Baptist Church is a great and growing multi-cultural church plant in East Providence. They need: (1) VBS teams – June 24 through the week of July 22, 2019 for a daily VBS  (Fantastic Fun Days) for those five weeks. They have organized games, crafts and a Bible lesson everyday. They then invite them to Super Summer Time (VBS at the church) the week of July 29. Last season, they had over a 100 children come through and 2 got saved! (2) Summer Lunch Program teams – They volunteer for the summer lunch program that the city was already offering and organize games, crafts and Bible lessons! Several of these children continue to attend their kidz club regularly and attend church with their family. They would welcome Family mission teams in order to serve together. Housing available in church. Contact: Phil Smith,, 401-365-2162 

#35-19 Construction & Partnership (Renovation & Repair): Warren, RI Refuge Church has an opportunity to purchase its first building, which will need renovating and repair through mission teams to give the old Catholic church a makeover. They really could use ongoing partnership over the next 2 years to aid in affording this big step for their church. Contact: Kyle DeGagne,, 774-218-8633

Massachusetts & Maine

#14-19 Construction (Renovation): Brockton, MA Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church is a wonderful young church that has purchased its first building, which is old and in need of much renovating to adapt it to worship and ministry. They have renovated a small portion for worship, but much needs to be done to meet the design goals. Multiple construction teams with a variety of trades are welcome to come. They would like to begin construction March 2019. Contact: Michelet Alexandre,, 781-308-1665 

#15-19 Evangelistic Events (VBS / Sports Camp): Charlestown, MA First Church in Charlestown was originally founded in 1632 and is being revitalized to reach the Bunker Hill district of Boston. They need mission teams to help with evangelistic event projects to include a VBS, block parties or sports camp type events in the parks. They are also trying to find ways to connect with and reach students at Bunker Hill Community College. They have housing at the church including showers and kitchen. Contact: Erik Maloy,, 617-970-6711

#16-19 Construction & Leader Training (Renovation, Painting, Repair): Melrose, MA Grace and Faith Christian Church, an established Haitian church, has just acquired their first building, and it needs renovating! It is an old church building with some of these needs:(1) Build a couple of bathrooms with plumbing, (2) Window replacement, (3) Painting (interior and exterior of church building), (4) Masonry to repair stucco, (5) Electrical. Financial assistance with some of the materials would be helpful. They also could use assistance with leadership development and training. Boston or MA churches that can work a long weekend or commute for several days are encouraged to respond to this need. Contact: Emmanuel Fontaine,, 781-608-0509 

#17-19 Construction (Renovation, Painting, Repair): Cambridge, MA Hope Fellowship Church is an influential church reaching the globe with Christ, but has an old church building in need of renovation, including painting of the sanctuary walls and trim, painting the exterior of the building and installing a new bathroom. If your church can provide assistance with these projects, Hope Fellowship would gladly work alongside you.  Contact: Curtis Cook,, 617-868-3261 or 617-501-7202.

#18-19 Evangelistic Events (Sports camp / prayerwalk): Fall River, MA Redemption Fellowship, located in a multi-cultural blue collar city, is in need of teams to assist with conducting a basketball camp in the summer. They also need teams that can prayerwalk, do survey work in neighborhoods and lead fun activities for kids and families sometime in July or August. Housing is available at the church with kitchen and showers. Contact: Tom Cabral,  919-761-3671.   

#19-19 Construction (renovation): Rice Lodge, Northborough, MA Rice lodge is not only a historical landmark, but an active, albeit humble mission housing and ministry facility owned by the BCNE. It is in need of renovating. We would appreciate multiple teams throughout 2019 for any of the following projects: (1) Tree cutting and brush clearing to build trails through the woods and use a chipper to turn all that into mulch. (2) Vanity replacement in Lodge bathrooms and also building sturdier bunk beds (we have plans/designs for the beds). There may be a couple of other things in the bedrooms needing work. (3) Construction of a patio and rock wall behind lodge and perhaps an outdoor water feature. (4) Construction of a gazebo. (5) We also need a MA licensed electrician to help with reducing a number of electrical upgrades. Contact: Tim Buehner,, 401-527-2553. 

#20-19 Construction (Evangelistic project build): Carver, MA Church of the Vine, is looking for a mission team to assist them construct a prayer garden with a labyrinth as a centerpiece in order to use as a means for ministry to the church and its community. They are able to provide the plans and the materials, they just need a labor force. A time can be coordinated late Spring or into summer of 2019. The team can house at the church which has a kitchen and showers. Contact: Sandy Coelho,, 508-789-9103 

#21-19 Evangelistic Events (Neighborhood block parties / kids camp): Peabody, MA

The Lovely Church is a growing Brazilian church is renewing its vision to reach its community with the Gospel, but needs a hand. They need mission teams to assist with neighborhood evangelistic events like block parties and VBS or sports in the parks. They also could use partners to assist with leadership development and training. They can house teams at the church which has showers and a kitchen. Contact: Antonio Ferreira,, 857-277-4603

#8-19   Construction (Handicap ramp, excavation, wall and entry): Baring, ME Baring Baptist Church's (FB: Baring Baptist Church) congregation uses its lower level fellowship hall for, but many older adults in the church and community have mobility issues. The church wants to construct a new handicap ramp, retaining wall and entry. Multiple teams will likely be needed to design the ramp and build to the lower level from the outside of the building. Teams can stay in the church, which has a kitchen. This church is located on the far eastern edge of Kingdom work in New England.  Contact: Bobby Oliver,, 207-454-0531 

#9-19   Construction & Worship leader (Roof Repair): Bath, ME New City Church is a young church that has been able to get an old church building to meet in, but it is compromised. The metal roof was improperly installed and is in need of major repair. The valley trough was not sealed properly and there are 250 holes from the wrong fasteners used. They desperately need to begin using the sanctuary, but there are too many leaks. Can you help? The church also really needs a worship / music leader as well. Do you have a team who could spend time helping them develop a worship team, or do you have a leader with a mission heart? Contact: Joel Littlefield,, 207-730-0535

#10-19 Partnership: Portland, ME Resurgam Community Church is a young church and is in need of partners to send mission teams and support through finances. Mission teams are needed for prayer walking, evangelism and block parties. They have need for equipment related to their worship as well. Contact: Tom Trask,, 207-400-0490 

#11-19  Prayer: Rockland, ME Solid Rock Church is a young church that is leading worship and Bible studies. What it needs most is a church to adopt them for prayer ~ pray for more core team members especially a worship leader ~ pray for community receptiveness in strategic outreach efforts. Contact: Sam Bennett,, 865-200-6181 

#12-19 Prayer Walking Cultivation & Outreach Events: Harbor Region, ME Anchor Church, Boothbay is a young church plant that needs help with prayerwalking, neighborhood outreach, resort ministry and outreach to retail and hospitality workers including a large number of international workers from Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. They have a small construction project involving insulation, sheetrock and some light carpentry (tools available on site). They can house 5-15 at Multiply Maine's ( home base in Edgecomb. Contact: Roger Ferrell,, 207-837-7484                                

#13-19 Renew Community Church, Partnership / Evangelistic events / Prayerwalk: York / Kittery ME Renew Community Church has a need for Prayer Walking Mission Teams - They believe it will be prayer that births a movement of God! Come take part in starting that movement. Evangelism events and projects throughout the year with concentrated times through Spring and Sumer 2019. Events such as movie nights, service projects and door to door surveying. Housing for teams at this time is limited, but let's talk. Contact: Ron J. Plocinski,,  207-606-0421

New Hampshire, Vermont & upstate New York

#22-19 Evangelistic Event, Construction & Interns: Nashua, NH  

Nashua Baptist Church needs mission teams to do (1) Localized evangelistic block parties. They are working to reach families within their communities. This team would do the background work that would allow the small group members to interact with visitors more easily. This would take place 1 to 2 weeks in July or August 2019. (2) 3 light construction needs: They need to create a coffee bar counter in foyer space (Includes plumbing), paint the exterior of the building and add a facade to their baptistry space. This would take place 11/01/18 - 10/31/19 for indoor work
06/01/19 - 10/31/19 for exterior work. (3) They need college aged summer interns to assist with children and youth ministry as well as a church planting / pastoral intern. Housing: The church could house a team with showers and kitchen available or host homes and hotels. Contact: Stephen Woodard 409-291-9921

#23-19 Construction / Partners: Manchester, NH Emmanus Church is reaching a challenging part of the city through a unique opportunity. Their area has all the hardships of any inner city. They are starting a neighborhood feeding ministry by building out a diner as a part of their church. Mission teams are needed to assist with the renovation of an old restaurant and equipment is still needed. They need teams for all sorts of evangelistic events like kids games in the parks in the community as well. What a great ministry to invest time and help partner! Contact: Kevin Fortier,  603-722-8426 

#24-19 Evangelistic Events & Construction (VBS, Block Parties & Potential Renovation work): Newport, NH   Lake Sunapee Baptist Church has been blessed to acquire an old building that they are trying to renovate and repair. They need teams to assist with this project before the turn of the year.  The church needs partners and teams to assist with: (1) Community outreach events, after-school programs, VBS, prayer-walking, etc. (2)Teams are needed to assist with construction issues of building a staircase, tiling a bathroom, painting and installing carpet. Contact: Sam Coberly,

#25-19 Campus Ministry Event & Partners: Echo Church, UNH- Durham, NH (Church Plant)

Echo Church Every September the University of NH has an event called UDay in which Echo Church reaches out to students about their ministry and work. They need mission teams to help with this event as well as be open to having students come and serve in your church location during the summer. They need partners to pray for them and their family and to assist in their powerful apologetic ministry on the campus. Contact: Kevin Peters via his wife, Lori at, 603-325-1802  

#26-19 Construction: Manchester, NH FaithBridge Church is an eight-year-old church in a 100 year old building.  They need mission teams to assist with: (1) Reconditioning their worship windows and slate roof work. (2) Renovating their lower level fellowship hall with lights, ceiling and flooring; kitchen floor work; replacement of switches –outlets; and bathroom renovations. Contact: Rich Clegg,, 603-315-8549 

#27-19 Construction (Repair): Hampstead, NH
Island Pond Baptist Church needs partners to help with replacing 3 of their 6 HVAC units. Island Pond is dedicated to reaching families and revitalizing this leading church in Hampstead, but this exceeds the church’s capability. If you can assist...
Contact: Kyle Lewis,  240-447-6651

#28-19 Construction (Repair & Reno) and Evangelistic Events: Londonderry, NH

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church has just gone through transition and has a new pastor. They need partnership and teams for: (1) Teams to do repairs to rotting siding and painting the building exterior. The team needs to be skilled to do the work and can help invest in the purchase of materials. (2) Teams to help canvas neighborhoods with prayer and do evangelistic events to the community. (3) Teams to assist in renovating an old activity building into housing.

Contact: Gary Rowe (interim), 617-818-3579

#33-19   Construction (Renovation & repair) & Evangelistic Events: Plainfield, VT

Journey Fellowship has a number of construction projects at the church, such as painting and minor repair jobs. They also need mission teams to help conduct evangelistic events like a VBS, block party or recreation camp or other community-wide engagements. Housing can be done at the church or the VT Missions Center (Calef House). Contact: Sean Odom, 802-371-9996

#34-19 Partnership: Castleton, VT Hubbardton Liberty Church (on FB) is located in a rural community (pop. 706) and is actually a "replant" of a church established in 1787. They need teams to assist with many functions of evangelism as well as help with renovation and repair of its buildings. They are building a new addition and they do not currently have water, looking to build a well/septic system. They are in need of financial assistance as well as volunteers. Fall in love with a small church and help it become a growing and multiplying church. Contact: Chris Poluikis, 540-691-0405