New England is the hub of higher education in America. Nearly one million students from around the world are enrolled at more than 250 colleges and universities throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Unfortunately, these students have little exposure to the Gospel. Two-thirds of the campuses in New England have no focused evangelistic effort at all.

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of a generation of leaders? We invite you to invest two or more years serving as a collegiate missionary in New England. Join us in helping New England students become passionate for Christ and His church by establishing an on-campus evangelistic ministry, making disciples and multiplying missional leaders in partnership with the local church.

Why New England?

Higher education in New England is unique because of its history and its reputation.

Christianity was an important influence on New England colleges and universities from the beginning. Ivy League schools were founded on Christian principles to spread the Gospel throughout America. Great revivals began on New England campuses, and the New England students were the first to develop a passion for international missions.

Today New England schools have an incredible academic reputation that attracts the best and brightest scholars from around the world. In fact, a large percentage of both American and international leaders are educated in New England.

That's why we believe that seeing a generation of New England collegians passionate for God will influence not only an entire region, but also the world (Learn more about our history of working on New England campuses here.)

Why Missional Leaders?

The college campus is the crossroads of culture: ideas, philosophies, worldviews, lifestyles and core values all intersect in college. This makes college a unique time when students are actively trying to make sense of their lives. It also presents an incredible opportunity to both share God's truth with young people who are seeking meaning, as well as to disciple missional leaders.

Just as Jesus commanded His disciples to pass on His truth and teachings to others, these students have the capacity to teach others and train new leaders. Missional leaders are a key part of helping their own generation become passionate about God.

Why the Local Church?

Christ established His Church to represent Him on the earth.  The Church is His body, His possession, His people, made up of the redeemed that He purchased with His own blood. That's why we are convinced that all Christians must be connected with a local church to be growing as a disciple. While campus ministries are valuable, we believe they are incomplete when separated from the local church.


  • College degree
  • Desire to share the Gospel and make disciples
  • Fundraising: at least $20,000 per year
  • Willingness to serve as part of a team

Remember that as a collegiate missionary you are not alone. Experienced church planters and collegiate leaders will invest in you regularly. You will also receive financial stipends to attend fundraising training, lead mission experiences for students and take classes for seminary credit.