Has God laid a particular cause on your heart? Below you will find brief descriptions of our endowment funds. If one of them matches your passion for ministry, consider donating to expand the impact of that cause.


Sponsor an Hour.jpg

Sponsor an Hour Fund

This fund supports the general budget of the BCNE as a supplement to the Cooperative Program. Donors are encouraged to contribute the cost of operating the BCNE for one hour ($125) or one day ($3000). This is an excellent way to honor a loved one and frees Cooperative Program resources to be used for other ministry purposes. Click the button below to make a secure donation using Paypal.

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Church Planting Fund

To reach New England with the Gospel, every town and every neighborhood must have a healthy church. That's why the BCNE, in cooperation with the North American Mission Board, plants 20-25 churches throughout New England each year. This fund provides grants which help new BCNE church plants purchase things they need for start-up. Donate through a secure Paypal link using the button below.

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Collegiate Ministry Fund

As America's leading educational center, New England is home to about 250 colleges and universities, as well as 1 million international students. Our collegiate missionaries partner with local churches to make passionate disciples on campuses. But there is still much work to be done - 60% of the colleges and universities in New England have no identifiable Gospel witness. This fund provides grants that support the BCNE's collegiate ministry and will help us strengthen collegiate work in the future. You can make a donation using the secure Paypal link below.

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Church Health Fund

It's hard to imagine something sadder than a once-healthy, vibrant church that has plateaued or is declining. What if we could help these churches return to their former passion for Christ and sense of mission? Or even prevent churches from getting to the point of decline? This fund provides grants that address critical needs of church health and/or leadership development in ways that promote healthy, systematic change. The link below will allow you to make a secure donation through Paypal.


Youth Fund

Reaching the next generation is an important goal for Kingdom-minded churches. The BCNE comes alongside churches and supports their youth ministry through five annual opportunities that teach about 1,400 teenagers to grow in Christ and become leaders in their church, while equipping numerous volunteer youth leaders. The purpose of this fund is to support the general cost of operating these ministries, not for individual scholarships. You can make a secure Paypal donation using the link below.

Luther Rice Lodge.jpg

Rice Lodge Memorial Fund

The BCNE is fortunate to own the historic childhood home of Baptist pioneer Luther Rice. This fund supports the operation and maintenance of the Rice Lodge, Suite and Cottage. Preference will be given to capital needs for the buildings, but funds can be used for any expense related to the property. Donate below using the secure Paypal link.

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Ministerial Continuing Education Fund

New England is full of small churches. Most of these churches don't have the resources to help if their pastors are interested in continuing theological education. This fund provides scholarships for pastors or staff members of BCNE churches who want to expand their ministry and become more effective by receiving further education. Donate below using the secure Paypal link.


Scholarship Fund

The best people to reach New Englanders are the ones who already understand the local context. This fund provides scholarships for students who are active in BCNE churches and are preparing for ministry in New England. Use the button below to make a secure donation through Paypal.

James Currin Loans.JPG


When churches need to buy their first building or upgrade their existing building, they often need a loan to make it possible. In light of our post-recession banking climate, many churches are not eligible for traditional loans. This fund allows us to make loans to churches that need to acquire a building or enhance their facilities. You can make a secure donation through Paypal using the button below.



This fund helps churches in Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut with grants for special projects. The BCNE Rhode Island Regional Coordinator must endorse the project before funds can be requested. Click on the button below to make a secure donation through Paypal.