Becoming More Missional

A few years ago Nashua Hanmaum Korean Church in Nashua, NH, began praying that God would help them reach more unbelievers, and God is answering this prayer. Faithful lay leaders began opening their homes to unbelievers, who are now coming to Christ. Last fall the church baptized five new believers, and by request the church has continually led a Bible study for nonbelievers. Pray for four special worship services that the church will hold between Feb. 15-17. Members are inviting non-Christian friends. Ask God to bring at least 20 unbelievers to services, and to speak to their hearts about their need for salvation.

Outreach Events at MIT

Cambridgeport Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA, currently has two outreaches aimed at MIT students. On Feb. 10 they are hosting a children’s outreach event at MIT family housing. Pray for the event logistics to go smoothly and for the church to make new connections with people who are interested in learning more about Jesus. In addition, the church offers free English classes and Bible studies for international students on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Praise God for the questions that these international students are asking as they begin to engage with Christianity. Ask the Lord to open their hearts to salvation and help them discover what it means to follow Him.

A Heart for Disasters

God has given the people of Christ the Redeemer Church in Southbury, CT, a burden for disaster relief. Praise God for the five volunteers the church recently sent to Florida to minister to those affected by Hurricane Michael. Pray for the church to have a fruitful year, growing in both strength and number.

Growth in Evangelism

Shoreline Community Bible Church, a three-year-old church in Waterford, CT, has seen God at work as their church family has grown in size and grown closer through supporting one another in the midst of challenges. Pray for the church as they seek to grow in evangelistic outreach. Ask God to give them boldness and opportunities to share the Gospel with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Lift up the church’s need for a new meeting space since they have reached full capacity at their current space. Finally, pray for wisdom for church elders as they continue to learn how to better serve the church family and help members grow in discipleship.

Seekers from Around the World

God has been providing Redeemer Fellowship Church in Watertown, MA, opportunities to connect and have Gospel conversations with seekers from countries all over the world. Pray for the Truth to penetrate their hearts and for many to become followers of Jesus. Also ask God to bless the church’s new senior pastor and guide his transition into leadership and into the community.

Discipling New Believers

Pauper’s Chapel in Portland, ME, is mostly made up of new believers in their 20s and 30s. Praise God for the powerful ways He is moving in lives and drawing people to Himself. Pray God for wisdom and clarity as more mature believers disciple these new converts to recognize sin in their lives, grow in obedience and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask God for spiritual protection for the congregation.

Power in Prayer

First Baptist Church in Wallingford, VT, holds a weekly prayer meeting. Although few attend, God has awakened these people to the importance of prayer and stirred them to action in the community. Pray that God continues to draw members of the congregation to Him through fervent prayer and that His power becomes even more evident in their lives. Lift up Pastor Dave as he faces some challenges, and ask God to provide for the church financially.

Second Campus Growth

MeetingHouse Church in Middleboro, MA, expanded to two campuses a few months ago as another church in Mansfield, MA, merged with them and became a second campus. Praise God for growing the Mansfield location from 12 to 75 since then! Also praise God for five new believers who were baptized last month at the Middleboro campus. Pray for God to give the leadership at both locations wisdom as they adapt their leadership structure. Ask God for more volunteers to step up and help out at the Mansfield campus due to the fast growth.

Revitalization in MA Church

First Baptist Church in Duxbury, MA, is involved in a revitalization work. Praise God for helping the church establish a solid connection with the community and bringing more unchurched guests and nonbelievers to services. Pray for church members as they disciple young believers and those who are growing in their faith. Lift up the church leadership as they intentionally build new systems and structures for ministry to enable them to serve and disciple people more effectively and efficiently. Finally, ask God to help the congregation reach more people in Duxbury with the Good News.

Sharing Christ Through Sports

God has been opening doors of ministry for The Bridge in Bucksport, ME. Praise Him for opportunities to serve the community in recent weeks through Thanksgiving meals and a winter coat drive. In addition, God has provided opportunities for church leaders to serve as a chaplain for the University of Maine football team and a character coach for the Maine Maritime Academy basketball team. Pray that God will bless the efforts of these ministries and that many athletes will hear the Gospel and believe. Ask God to work mightily in the lives of community members who have heard the Gospel and bring them to faith and repentance. Lift up young believers who are being discipled and taught to become leaders in the church.

Outgrowing Meeting Space

Praise God for the growth at Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, a Spanish-speaking church in West Hartford, CT. They are seeing God bring new people to services every Sunday, as well as new believers asking to be baptized and become members of the church. With this growth, the church needs a new place to meet. They are currently renting a space for 120 people but hope to have their own building that could seat 250-300. Pray that God will provide the financial means for them to have a bigger meeting space and that He will help them continue to be faithful in the ministry He’s given them.

Growing in Faith

Praise God for the many people in Daybreak Community Church in Colchester, VT, who are actively connected to their community and desiring to grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture. Pray that God will continue to guide the new leadership in the church. Ask Him to help the congregation to continue to grow in their walks with Christ and to bring new people to faith through Gospel conversations throughout the year.

New Location, New Opportunities

Gracepoint Church in Biddeford, ME, is in the process of transitioning to a different facility with a long-term connection within the community. Praise God for the opportunities the church anticipates to be able to share the Gospel in a broader way from their new location. Pray for many conversations that lift up Jesus in the coming year. Especially ask the Holy Spirit to work in the life of S, a man Pastor Andrew has been sharing the Gospel with recently. Pray for S’s salvation.

Struggling Under Spiritual Attack

Gallup Hill Baptist Church in Ledyard, CT, has been under spiritual attack in recent months, with members of the congregation facing numerous devastating circumstances. Pray for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation for the church leadership and the congregation. Ask God to intervene, protect His children and be glorified in these situations.

Challenging Goals for 2019

Praise God for three recent baptisms at Renewal Church in Boston! Pray that God will work through the church to reach the community in miraculous ways during the coming year. Ask God to bless the prayerful, ambitious goals that the church has made for the coming year: to have six community groups with a registration of 100 people and to baptize 10 new believers.

Upcoming Snow Camp

One way that members of Farmington Baptist Church in Farmington, ME, build relational bridges with the community is through an outreach and Snow Camp for youth. Pray for the church as they handle planning challenges for the Snow Camp, which will take place next month. Ask God to provide solutions and to create an atmosphere where Jesus is lifted up and the message of salvation is clearly understood.

Serving & Sharing

Friendship Baptist Church in Brimfield, MA, has an ongoing partnership with a local elementary school. Praise God that they were able to meet needs and serve their community through a recent holiday food drive. Pray for church members to continue loving the people in Brimfield, to learn how to share Christ effectively and to take advantage of evangelistic opportunities. Ask God to guide the church leadership as they coordinate an evangelism seminar in the upcoming year.

Outreach to Hindus & Muslims

International Community Church in the Greater Boston area is reaching South Asians people groups, most of whom are Muslims and Hindus. Praise God for four new believers last year (including two from Muslim backgrounds) and numerous Hindus and Muslims who came to Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Pray that God will provide an additional bi-vocational worker to serve Muslims in Lynn, MA. Ask God to help more churches become engaged in reaching South Asian immigrants.

Back to Basics

God has grown Nashua Baptist Church in Nashua, NH, in basic but foundational ways this year. More church members are reading the Bible regularly on their own and sharing the Gospel. They’ve also seen God open new doors for serving both in Nashua and around the world. Pray for spiritual fruit from recent Christmas outreaches. Ask God to help the church be successful in sharing the Gospel and loving others well.