Jesus and His Teachings

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to walk among us. We must understand some critical things about Him in order to maintain a stable faith.

The Uniqueness of Christ

1. As God’s only Son, Jesus served as the sacrifice for our salvation. His purity and His relationship with God means that the blood of Jesus is fit to cover our sins and make what was red as crimson, white as snow. Because of who He is, the sacrifice of Jesus can be trusted. 

2. Jesus was God walking among us. The power of this truth means that believers at that time had intimate access to the physical presence of God in a unique way. The closest we see to this at any other point in Scripture was in Genesis 3 when God walked with Adam. The next time humanity will experience this is when we get to heaven. 

3. In addition, Jesus was a master teacher. His teachings revolutionized humanity, bringing revelation and clarity to the Word and will of God beyond what had been available up to that point. The restrictive nature of previous teachings had created an environment that forced people to chase after rituals and sacrifices that did not establish a clear, ongoing relationship between an individual and God.

The Teachings of Christ

The teachings of Jesus can help elevate us beyond our current situation. If we examine what Jesus taught, we will see a clear connection between his teachings and the elevated way of thinking and living that can be ours if we hear Him and apply His teachings.

The role of the master teacher is to expose the student to content that will advance his or her life. As the teacher presents the core set of facts that will drive learning, a good teacher also shares experiences that further open the eyes of the student. For example, a teacher may share personal stories or vivid examples that relate to the life of the student, so that he or she will quickly and easily understand.

Jesus was a master at this, always knowing the right stories to share and the most meaningful anecdotes to drive his message home. This approach significantly expands the mindset of the student, and it helps the student understand how to process and apply the teacher’s lessons. 

What is Jesus teaching you today? What lessons from Jesus are driving daily growth in your life? As Jesus teaches you daily, commit to applying those lessons, so you can be a light that glorifies the Father in heaven.

Dr. William Clark is the pastor of Living Faith Church in Hartford, CT, as well as a leadership development and organizational impact specialist to nonprofits and churches. You can follow him @drwilliampclark on social media platforms.