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Although the New England landscape is dotted with two-hundred-year-old churches, the majority of people living in New England today are spiritually lost. All six New England states consistently appear in Gallup’s top 12 list of “least religious” states, and at least 1000 towns and villages have no evangelical presence of any kind. On any given Sunday, less than 3% of 14.5 million New Englanders will attend an evangelical church. And sadly, some churches that call themselves Christian no longer teach a Bible-based Gospel. 

The BCNE is partnering with member churches to reach these lives through church planting, church strengthening/evangelism and next generation ministries. However, as a missionary organization, the vision God has given us to reach the lost is often greater than our budget. The New England Mission Emphasis (also known as the Beulah Peoples Offering or the State Missions Offering) was established to meet vital ministry needs that are not funded through our regular budget.

Please join us in praying for God's Kingdom to advance in New England and consider giving to the New England Mission Offering. Your entire gift will be used for BCNE mission work in New England.