Our lay leadership department is here to serve a large group of people: those who are actively involved in serving the church. Whether you're a small group facilitator, a Bible study leader, a children's Sunday school teacher or you serve in another role, we want to help you grow and develop as a leader by:

  • Encouraging you in your spiritual walk. It is crucial that lay leaders experience a vibrant, growing relationship with God.

  • Equipping you with knowledge that is relevant to your ministry context. The first step to excelling/being competent in your ministry role is knowing what to do.

  • Providing you with useful resources. We offer some very practical, hands-on tools that will help you develop a wide variety of ministry skills.

  • Coaching you as you train new leaders. In the spirit of Paul's instructions in 2 Timothy 2:2, we want to join you on the journey of making the Church stronger by teaching leader to multiply.

We'd love to partner with you in helping your leadership – and your whole church – grow stronger! Check out our upcoming events, resource list and webinar recordings. Read about our personalized training, then contact us to discuss the options. 

We look forward to working with you for God's glory in New England!

Support Church Health in New England

If you would like to support long-term training events that help churches grow stronger and healthier, consider making a donation to the Baptist Foundation of New England’s church health fund through the secure link below.