Do you think God has called you to serve as a church planter in New England? If so, you are facing what could be the most challenging, yet rewarding, work you have ever done.

The Baptist Convention of New England is here to walk with you through the early steps of becoming a planter and help you fulfill your calling effectively.

To give you the best chance of success, all church planters and re-planters must first complete an assessment process with the North American Mission Board. After passing the assessment, you will begin the church planting process. The BCNE will support you during this process through regular training and accountability.

Characteristics of Successful New England Church Planters

  1. Dependent on God. Do you have a deep, vibrant relationship with Christ? Ultimately the Holy Spirit, not the latest book or church planting guru, should guide your church planting vision. 
  2. Evangelistic. Sharing the Gospel is the top priority of a church planter.
  3. Teachable. Church planters must be eager and willing to learn. 
  4. Persevering. It will take patience and endurance to understand and diligently follow through on the church planting process.
  5. Cross-cultural. You will need to be willing to adapt to the New England context. For example, you may need to shift your sports allegiance to the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox. 
  6. Supported by family. The entire family is in the work of church planting together. 
  7. Backed by a network and support system for prayer, resources and finances.
  8. Committed to developing leadership. New England believers must be trained to be the future church planters in New England.
  9. Missionary thinker. We don’t bring planters here to start only one church. Planters come here expecting to multiply evangelistic, disciple-making churches. 
  10. Collaborative. We are looking for planters who agree with the Baptist Faith and Message, who will start Kingdom-minded churches that will affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention, who are committed to the value of the Cooperative Program and who desire to work together cooperatively.

Church Planter Funding

New England can be an expensive place to live. As a result, church planters must be willing to raise funds and even serve bi-vocationally. Some possible sources of funds include:

  • The BCNE, in cooperation with NAMB, provides up to $40,000 per start. These funds can be used for start-up funds, pastoral salary and ministry opportunities over a three to four-year period.
  • Monthly funds from a local Baptist association.
  • Monthly funds from a sending or sponsor church.
  • Monthly funds from outside partner churches.
  • Monthly funds from outside individuals.
  • Monthly funds from the core group, and eventually the new church body.  
  • Bi-vocational work or spouse's job (also a possible source of health insurance).
  • Additional fundraising efforts.

A planter must have most of their funds in place before they can be approved for placement.

Church Planter Assessment Process

  1. Complete a church planting inquiry form. Someone from our office will follow up.
  2. Send a resume to the regional Church Planting Catalyst (CPC).
  3. Complete LifeWay tools.
  4. CPC will review and make a recommendation to the BCNE.
  5. After the recommendation is received, complete registration at Send Me. 
  6. CPC will guide you through the Send Me assessment tools.
  7. Complete assessment interviews.
  8. Complete Covenant and Planting Projector, which must be approved by the BCNE and NAMB.
  9. Upon approval you will receive a Mobilize Me congratulatory email.

If you have prayerfully considered the information above and are interested in starting the process, please complete a church planting inquiry at the link below.