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Alex grew up in Rhode Island in a family that went to church occasionally. In his early teens, he heard the Gospel and saw it demonstrated in the lives of some family members who recently had come to faith in Christ. He accepted Christ as His Lord and Savior and became active in a local church and youth group.

When he graduated and went off to college, Alex experienced a world that was in stark contrast to his faith. At the University of Hartford, he was surrounded by non-Christians and exposed to anti-Christian philosophy from both professors and fellow students. Though his faith was solid, he knew he needed Christian friends to push him closer to the Lord. Alex recalls coming to the realization that “if I wanted to make friends, I first needed to be a friend.” He also remembers thinking that “you are who you hang out with, so you need to choose friends wisely.”

That desire for Christian friends led him to Faith Fellowship Church, a church plant sponsored by the Baptist Convention of New England that was meeting on the University of Hartford campus. Most of the attendees were other young adults Alex’s age.

“When I went, I knew this was my opportunity to serve as a church member,” Alex said. The teaching, fellowship and accountability that Faith Fellowship Church offered helped Alex stay close to God and grow in his faith during his college experience. Eventually he started leading worship in that church, which helped him grow in his faith even more.

After graduating from college, Alex spent a year doing ministry on the University of Hartford campus while working in the community. Last year Alex married and moved to central Massachusetts with his new wife, Jordan. They are part of a team planting Hope Community Church in Marlborough, MA.

Alex says, “My wife and I are excited to be part of something new that God is doing in Marlborough, a place where I have a lot of family roots. We are also thankful for how the BCNE has invested in us as young adults. It has made a real impact in our lives.”

The Cooperative Program is the mission giving system used by Southern Baptist churches. The Baptist Convention of New England receives those funds for Baptist churches in New England. The BCNE keeps a portion to fund ministry to students like Alex, to start new churches and to train leaders in existing churches. We send the rest to the national office to fund six seminaries, church planters across Norther America and missionaries around the world. The Cooperative Program is about changing lives of young adults like Alex. You can give to the Cooperative Program using this link.