Desire to Be More Effective

God has given the people of Hillside Baptist Church in Pembroke, NH, a deep sense of family. Pray that God will bring new believers and godly families, as well as solid Christian leaders to this small congregation. Ask God to give the church and the community a greater hunger for the Word of God. Pray that the church will move from maintenance to ministering for the Gospel so they can be more effective for Kingdom growth. 

Unity & Growth in Multicultural Church

Worcester Baptist Church is a small multicultural church in Worcester, MA. Their interim pastor shares that the church is growing as occasional visitors have now become regular attenders, members are listening to God and following Him whole-heartedly, and the church is planning a baptism on June 27. Pray for unity among the different ethnic groups and for God to work in the lives of the many children in the church. Ask God to help Pastor Bernie, who's been asked to stay on as the permanent pastor, and to provide a solution for meeting space, since the church is now about 90% full.

Salvations & Partnership Need

Real Life Bible Chapel is a church replant in Marshfield, MA. Praise God for 2 new salvations in May and 4 baptisms planned for the summer. Pray that the church will be unwaveringly focused on Jesus and that God will continue to bring growth. Lift up Pastor Ken, a native of South Africa, as he waits for his green card approval. Ask God to provide for Pastor Ken's family until he is approved for a new visa status that would allow him to get a bivocational job. If your church would be interested in partnering with Real Life Bible Chapel, please contact our executive director, Dr. Terry Dorsett, at

New Momentum in Church Plant

New City Church, a church plant in Bath, ME, switched from Sunday evening to Sunday morning worship gatherings at a new meeting space several weeks ago. Since then, the church has seen growth in both attendance and excitement. New people are visiting the church nearly every week and the church celebrated a recent profession of faith. They are planning their second baptism service soon. Pray that God will continue to help the church connect with people who need to hear about the love of Christ through Sunday worship services and summer outreaches. Ask for wisdom in partnership decisions and pray for God's blessing on Eric, a new pastor/elder who has been in intentional training for the last several months. Ask God to protect Eric from Satan and fill him with joy and discernment in Christ.

Discernment for Growing Church

Praise God that Grace Church in Hudson, MA, has been growing in both attendance and in diversity across generational, ethnic and cultural lines. As they have grown, the church leadership has emphasized the importance of being active in a small group to build relationships. Pray for the continued spiritual growth of new and old members of the church. Ask God to guide the leadership as they search for an additional pastor, discern how to welcome and serve guests and newcomers, and plan to develop and expand their building and grounds.

God's Faithfulness in ME

After a year of challenges, God is strengthening Baring Baptist Church in Calais, ME, as they walk through healing and grow in unity. Praise God that He has opened the door for the church to purchase an adjacent property. Pray for guidance as they plan how to best use the land. Also, lift up the church's upcoming Vacation Bible School from June 18-22. Pray for salvations and that the VBS will allow church members to connect with some new families from the community.

Challenges for Brazilian Churches

Pastor Jose leads two Brazilian churches in CT: Baptist Community Church of Greater New London and Igreja Communidade Batista de Naugatuck. Praise God that the congregation in New London is growing! They've baptized eight and started small group Bible studies in the nearby towns of Clinton and Old Saybrook. Pray for God to guide the church about the possibility of starting another Brazilian mission in Old Saybrook. The Naugatuck congregation also has new visitors and baptized three people last year, but they are struggling financially and aren't always able to pay Pastor Jose. Please pray for the Lord's provision for the churches, and that finances will not stand in the way of the Gospel going out. If you are interested in partnering with these churches financially, please contact Dr. Dorsett at

A Passion for Missions

Hope Chapel in Sterling, MA, is passionate about local and global missions. Pray that God would bring many people to faith in Christ through their upcoming summer events: mission trips, Vacation Bible School and youth camp. Lift up their partnership with 61 Rwandan churches, 38 of which have been closed due to a change in the national building codes for churches. Pray for Hope Chapel as they seek to help 10 churches re-open and mentor those churches in helping the other 28. Lift up Mission Pastor William who needs to alter his US visa status, and pray for Pastor Marcos, who is leading a new Brazilian mission in Acton. Finally, pray for God to bring the church a part-time minister of children.

Systematic Prayer for City

God is answering prayer in North Pownal, VT. North Pownal Congregational Church has been praying for their city, street-by-street, and God has brought 8 people to salvation so far this year! Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to open the door for people to hear, understand and accept the Gospel. Ask that God would protect the church from enemy attacks on the inside and the outside and that He would give Pastor Michael wisdom in leading the congregation. 

Quechuan Church in MA

Iglesia Bautista Quechua Nueva Vida in Northampton, MA, ministers to ethnic Quechuans who are mostly immigrants immigrants from Ecuador. Praise God that in the past 12 months the congregation has grown from an average attendance of 60 to more than 100 each week! Since they've outgrown the chapel they are renting, the church is working to buy its first building. Pray that God will guide them through the process and guide them to the right building. Ask God to send a Spanish-speaking or Quechuan-speaking pastor who will love and lead this congregation, since they are currently being served by an interim pastor.

Starting a School Club

Praise God that Calvary Baptist Church in Pittsfield, ME, is growing and has been able to add ministry opportunities. Pray for the church's desire to start a Good News Club in local schools, which is meeting resistance from the school system. Ask that God will open the door for this club to be started and that He will bring many young people to salvation through the truths they learn about Jesus at the club. Lift up spiritual battles that the church is facing, and pray for God's hand on the fledgling church school they are starting.

Opening the Church Doors

First Baptist Church of Haverhill, MA, is intentionally opening the church doors to the community. They recently hosted a historically African American church's installation service, as well as a local Christian band's concert. The church is also teaching an ASL class and talking about their future vision. Pray that God will give them clear direction and open new doors of ministry so that the church can share the love of Christ with the community. Ask God to provide the church with the means to minister to youth and young adults, and lift up members who have been hit with health issues recently.

Gospel Conversations in CT

North Park Baptist Church in Bridgeport, CT, is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. Praise God for how He has worked in and among the people in Bridgeport. The church is currently finishing up evangelism training using the 3 Circles tool. Pray that church members would feel confident and competent to share the Gospel and that the Holy Spirit would open the door for them to have many clear Gospel conversations with friends, family and co-workers.

Summer Outreach in VT

Vermont may be one of the least religious states in America, but God is still at work. Praise Him that attendance at Northshire Baptist Church in Manchester has almost doubled in the past three years! Northshire is actively seeking to reach the community. They are hosting an outreach tent at the Manchester StreetFest in early June and a community block party at the church on June 20. Pray that the Gospel will take root and that many in the community will be saved.

Outreach in VT

Praise God for people who are visiting Newbury Bible Church in Newbury, VT, as well as people who are expressing interest in the Gospel. Pray that God will give the congregation a passion for evangelism and bring many new people to salvation through the ministry of the church. Lift up the church's summer outreach events which will be hosted in partnership with mission teams from North Carolina.

New Believers & New Construction

Mill City Church in Lowell, MA, has experienced encouraging and steady growth this year. Praise God for new members and for 11 baptisms since December! As the congregation gets larger, the church is making plans to expand their facility during the summer. Pray for God to help the church raise funds and meet timelines in their construction. Lift up new members and new believers, and ask God to help them mature in their spiritual walk and use their gifts to serve in the church and reach out to the community.

Connections with Students & Families

The Bridge in Storrs, CT, is a student-minded church plant located near the University of Connecticut. Praise God for opportunities they've had to engage in Gospel conversations this spring, including a giveaway that led to connections with about 100 students and an egg hunt that drew over 200 people. Pray that through the ministry of The Bridge, people will born again to a new and living hope in Jesus and church members to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Ask God to help the church make more connections with families in the community, especially through a Creative Arts Camp they are planning for the summer.

Boston Building a Gift from God

After winning a lengthy court battle to keep their church building, Bethesda Haitian Baptist Church in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston views their building as a gift from God. They are working closely with other churches and make their space available for others to use for special occasions or weekly worship services. Pray that God will truly use this building for His glory. Ask Him to bless the congregation of Bethesda Haitian Baptist with unity and harmony among members, spiritual growth, financial provision and a passionate commitment to spread the Gospel.

Outreach Through Local History

Brookville Bible Church is an historic church in Holbrook, MA. This Memorial Day weekend, the church is celebrating its 150-year anniversary, as well as the 200-year anniversary for its mother church, Winthrop Congregational. God has been building relational ties between the church and the community and town officials. In fact, the town has made the church's anniversary part of its Memorial Day celebration due to their appreciation of local history. The church expects that many townspeople who are spiritually closed will come to see the church's artifacts and learn about the history. Pray that God will soften hearts and that many will come to faith as they hear the Good News presented and see the selfless love of Christ.