Church Planting Calendar & Resources

2019 Events for Church Planters


10                    RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

12                    Church Planters Orientation, Northborough, MA *


1                      “Church Planting Graduates” Luncheon, Marlborough, MA

7-8                  North Eastern Assessment Center

  15-16              First Steps for Church Planters, Northborough, MA


1-2                  Soul Care Couples Retreat, Sanbornton, NH *

12 Churches Planting Churches - CT

13-14              North Eastern Assessment Center

18-20              NAMB Orientation, Alpharetta, GA


4                      RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

4-5                  North Eastern Assessment Center

10-11             Next Steps for Church Planters, Northborough, MA                      

21                    Easter

23-24              Elevate! Training for Church Planters, Northborough, MA

26-27              Hearts in Harmony Women’s Conference, Southbridge, MA


2 Churches Planting Churches - China, ME

9                     Who Me, a Church Planter? Williston, VT

10                   Who Me, a Church Planter? Manchester, CT

11                    Who Me, a Church Planter? Northborough, MA



1                      Church Planter Evangelism Training - New Port, NH 

8-13                SBC meetings, Birmingham, AL


11                    RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

16 On Disciplemaking and Leadership with Daniel Im - BCNE



14-15              North Eastern Assessment Center



9-10                North Eastern Assessment Center

10-11              NAMB SEND Network Preview

17                    Churches Planting Churches, Northborough, MA

24                    Multiplying Churches Luncheon and Training, TBA



17                    RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

21-22              North Eastern Assessment Center

28-30              NAMB Orientation, Alpharetta, GA



1                      Best Practices in Church Planting Forum

1-2                  BCNE Annual Meeting

13-14              North Eastern Assessment Center

19                    Boston area Multiplying Churches Power Lunch, Boston, MA

More Local Resources

The BCNE staff has decades of combined experience ministering in the New England context. We encourage you to check out the additional resources they can offer you: