Church Planting Calendar & Resources

2019 Events for Church Planters


10                    RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

12                    Church Planters Orientation, Northborough, MA *


1                      “Church Planting Graduates” Luncheon, Marlborough, MA

7-8                  North Eastern Assessment Center

  15-16              First Steps for Church Planters, Northborough, MA


1-2                  Soul Care Couples Retreat, Sanbornton, NH *

12 Churches Planting Churches - CT

13-14              North Eastern Assessment Center

18-20              NAMB Orientation, Alpharetta, GA


4                      RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

4-5                  North Eastern Assessment Center

10-11             Next Steps for Church Planters, Northborough, MA                      

21                    Easter

23-24              Elevate! Training for Church Planters, Northborough, MA

26-27              Hearts in Harmony Women’s Conference, Southbridge, MA


2 Churches Planting Churches - China, ME

9                     Who Me, a Church Planter? Williston, VT

10                   Who Me, a Church Planter? Manchester, CT

11                    Who Me, a Church Planter? Northborough, MA



1                      Church Planter Evangelism Training - New Port, NH 

8-13                SBC meetings, Birmingham, AL


11                    RePlanters Gathering, Northborough, MA

16 On Disciplemaking and Leadership with Daniel Im - BCNE



14-15              North Eastern Assessment Center

29 Dhati Lewis SEND Network Vice-President - BCNE



9-10                North Eastern Assessment Center

10-11              NAMB SEND Network Preview

10 Churches Planting Churches - BCNE

11-12 Church Planting Staff Retreat

20-21 Soul Care - Rice Lodge Northborough, MA

24                    Multiplying Churches Luncheon and Training, Mike Dodson - BCNE

28 Red Sox CP Family Outing



5 Who Me a Church Planter? - Central Church Augusta, ME

8 First Steps - CT

17                    RePlanters Gathering - BCNE

17-18 Strat Op - Rice Lodge, Northborough, MA

21-22              North Eastern Assessment Center

25-27 Fusion Collegiate Retreat - Hyannis, MA

28-30              NAMB Orientation, Alpharetta, GA



1-2 BCNE Annual Meeting

1                      Best Practices in Church Planting Forum

1 Church Planting Banquet - Christian Fellowship, NH

13-14              North Eastern Assessment Center

15-16 Church Planter Couples Retreat - Mystic, CT

More Local Resources

The BCNE staff has decades of combined experience ministering in the New England context. We encourage you to check out the additional resources they can offer you: