These are the steps for church plants in the specific order necessary to be fully recognized by the BCNE and the SBC.

  1. The plant must have developed enough leaders for the signatures necessary to file their Church Constitution and Bylaws for its state.

  2. The church must begin Cooperative Program giving through BCNE. This can be a check given by a person on behalf of the church or by using a church specific email at BCNE Online Giving. This email will remain tied the church giving.

  3. The church must "launch" by holding regular public gatherings for worship. This can be a soft launch of regular public worship gatherings building towards a larger launch but a Bible study does not qualify.

  4. The church must request membership through the BCNE Membership Application. (BCNE will also process the church for a membership number in the global SBC.)

  5. Once you have received the SBC Identification number you may request coverage under the SBC 501c3 Non-Profit Umbrella. You will need 501c3 status to be recognized as non-profit organization by the IRS. Please write a gracious email to Morgan Roettele ( stating that you are an approved BCNE church plant and are requesting coverage under the SBC 501c3 Non-Profit status. Morgan will contact the BCNE office to confirm that your church has completed the above steps and will issue a 501c3 letter to your church.

  6. The 501c3 Non-Profit Umbrella letter can be used along with your other state documents to open a bank account.

  7. Contact to set up your Retirement, Disability & Life Insurance. The BCNE grants each church in good standing (which includes giving over $500/year to the Cooperative Program) benefits for their pastor.

  • We also recommend that you register on line with your state for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which you may need to set up a bank account. A State Sales Tax Exemption number can also be requested at the state government website.

  • Once you are established you will want to contact LifeWay for complimentary materials:

Any questions? Ask your Church Planter Catalyst or Joye Jackson at