A Testimony of Hospitality

I think the most wonderful story in all my years at Cambridgeport Baptist Church was told to our congregation by a Chinese family in 2017.

Over ten years earlier this family took part in our English classes, Bible studies and even baking classes with Barbara Beevers. Though they never believed in Jesus while they were here, they were grateful for our friendship and help during their time in Cambridge.

Remembering the Faith of Christians

After they returned to China their only son became very ill.  Neither modern nor traditional medicine was able to help him. Then they recalled that Christians believed in a God who would hear and answer prayers. So they found Christians in their town and asked for prayer. Over time their son recovered, and they attributed his healing to God and became not only followers of Christ but eventually leaders in their Chinese church.

They intentionally visited us two years ago to thank us for being the first people to tell them about Jesus. They emphasized how much they appreciated our friendship and love even though they were not Christians. This made an impression on them, and God caused the seeds of faith that were sown by us here to grow after they went back to China.

Sharing Lives Can Open Doors

The memory of their testimony still brings tears of joy to my eyes. Perhaps much of the fruit of our labors are unknown to us; it goes unreported. How encouraging it was then to find out how God had used our lives in theirs! Many of us do not consider ourselves very evangelistic, but this story shows how God can work when we simply share our lives with others.  Who knows how many people came, or will yet come, to Christ through the ministry of Barbara Beevers. even though Barbara herself has long since passed on into His presence!

Sharing our lives is so fitting for Christians because God shared his life with us through Christ. Now we have the privilege of sharing our Christ-life with others. We should share not only our congregational life, but also our personal lives through the ministry of hospitality.

Inviting someone to your home for a meal sounds pretty simple, but remember Christ is also present. Who knows what stories will be told in the future from our simple acts of hospitality!

Dan Szatkowski is senior pastor at Cambridgeport Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA.