CrossWalk 2019 Report

The Baptist Convention of New England recently celebrated its 20th annual Crosswalk Christian youth camp, “Driver’s Seat”. This year’s theme encouraged students to let God lead in the “Driver’s Seat” of our lives. With over 400 students and chaperones from 40 congregations in attendance a staff team with over 30, the majority Quest and Journey alumni. Youth groups from all over New England came together in Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island, to dive into the gospel and the story of Joseph, through devotional time, and small group Bible study. Worship was led by CW staff and chaperones and nightly sermons given by Robert Krumrey, pastor of Mercyhouse in Amherst Massachusetts. Along with engaging worship and activities that assisted students in their spiritual journeys, Crosswalk loves engaging with the students during recreational and activity track time. During the day, students engage in fellowship with each other through fun, active, and engaging activities that encourage fellowship between students of all ages and all faith backgrounds. 

“CrossWalk 2019 was my third and last CW as a camper, and it was absolutely amazing. Each year my takeaway is always different. Throughout the week I was constantly reminded of my influence, reputation, and potential as a Christian leader, and I grew even closer to God. Because of the insightful sermons and overall experience, I've been encouraged in my faith and feel more than capable of fulfilling my purpose,” said Brendon Brown, who attends North Park Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Conn. “Being able to attend CW19 was such a blessing, and now I can enter college focused on the Lord and all that He has in store for me!”

Every morning and evening, students are encouraged to engage with the Word of God through several faith-engaging activities. Mornings begin with quiet Bible Study where students engage first alone, then with a Bible study with students from the same age group. Each student is encouraged to engage with the text and the group as much as they feel comfortable. As the week progresses, students become comfortable and vulnerable with each other and become closer with everyone in their Bible study. 

Evenings are packed with worship and sermon from Pastor Rob. Following a scripture reading from the gospel of Luke, Pastor Rob would unpack and analyze the text and help students apply the many stories of Christ to our own lives. Following some of the sermons, Pastor Rob would encourage any students who wished to confess their faith to come to the front and accept the altar call. Following worship, students were dismissed into their respective church group to continue the devotional time and connect with others from the youth group. 

Between the morning devotion times and evening worship times, students engaged in engaging fellowship time. Whether it was miscellaneous 635 games, leaning to evangelize, or learning about Quest or other missionary experiences, students are encouraged to explore and interact with Christians from the New England area and beyond. Friday evening’s 635 was focused on missions opportunities staff, chaperones and students have participated in over the last year. A mission offering of over $3100 was received.

Allowing Christ to take the driver’s seat of our life is a difficult and daily task that we are all tasked with. It is only through his guidance and through meditation on the scripture that he can truly drive our lives in the direction that glorifies His name and brings others to know, to love and to follow. 

Matt Reiad served as staff in training at CrossWalk 2019. He is a UMass Boston student and CrossWalk alum who attends Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church.