Being Peacemakers

Matt. 5:9 - "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."

The pursuit of peace is an attribute and characteristic of God. Peace is freedom from disturbance, tranquility. God’s presence is associated with peace.

God – the Ultimate Peacemaker

If we consider how He designed the earth, it was and still is a picture of peace. Think about the moments you step outside, and see what you would consider perfect weather. How do you respond? What thoughts come to mind when you experience the beauty of nature, God's untouched design? When you hear the gushing sounds of water or of birds chirping? When you see the vibrant blue sky? In each of these scenarios, what you are experience is peace – freedom from interference.

In Matthew 5:9, Jesus blesses peacemakers. The exciting thing about being called a peacemaker is that we have the opportunity to create peace that calms the storms of tension, disagreement and fear. Too many times, we find ourselves in situations where peace does not exist, and we become victims and contributors to the chaos and disturbance that ensues. When we could have created peace by apologizing or by showing humility, we have done the opposite.

Keys to Being a Peacemaker

The first key to being a peacemaker is to recognize the freedom that will come from introducing peace. Freedom can come when we are detached from the stress and anxiety of the moment. Other times freedom will come in the form of an insular existence, in spite of the pressures of life. Freedom could also come in the form of not being emotionally disturbed by hurtful words and acts of betrayal.

The second key to being a peacemaker is knowing what it takes to introduce peace. There is no catchall strategy to introduce peace to a situation. In some cases, being a peacemaker requires your humility or apolgoy. In other instances, peace is introduced when a person is removed from the situation - whether it's you removing yourself or you eliminating someone else. To keep peace, you have to evaluate each situation.

The Bible tells us that peacemakers are called sons of God. Why? The child of God learns from and imitates his or her Father. God introduced peace at the beginning of creation and will re-introduce peace at the end of time when the enemy is defeated. May we strive to be peacemakers like our Father.

Dr. William Clark is the pastor of Living Faith Church in Hartford, CT, as well as a leadership development and organizational impact specialist to nonprofits and churches. You can follow him @drwilliampclark on social media platforms.