Divinely Designed to be Uniquely You

You didn’t just fall into place. You didn’t just happen. You are not a mistake. You were designed with a purpose.

Knit Together by God

Anything you are listening to that says you aren’t enough, that your spiritual gifting isn’t what it should be, that you have no value, is a lie. My prayer for you is that God would open your eyes to see that He loves you and He designed you to be uniquely you. If you remember nothing else, I pray that would resonate with you.

The Bible tells us that God knew you before you were born (Jer. 1:5) and that He knit you together in your mother's womb (Ps. 139:13). Have you ever tried knitting? I attempted it multiple times growing up, and it was a disaster! Knitting something together requires extraneous attention to detail, precise selection of materials and careful attention. Can you imagine the care that goes into knitting together the intricacies of your body and your personality? That’s what God has done and continues to do. We are all the work of God’s hands. Not some of us, not a chosen few, but ALL OF US! 

Serving According to God’s Design

You are the work of God’s hands (Is. 64:8), and you have gifting, talents and abilities that are unique to you.  Early on in ministry I would see others with the gift of service. They would gladly wash the dishes after noon lunch and sweep every inch of our building, all while joyfully praising God in their own way. I would feel such a sense of guilt in those moments because that is SO not my gifting. I am not the woman who gleefully walks up to the sink to wash dishes and feels fulfilled after. Seeing the many people in the local church that seemed to be gifted in that way and the historic Bible stories of those humbly serving made me feel terrible. However, that guilt was not from God.  If you are feeling this way, don’t own it.

By attempting to serve in different ways and finally taking a spiritual gifts survey, I discovered how my talents and abilities could be used to grow closer to God and encourage others to grow closer to Him. When your purpose and passions align, it is indescribable! The fulfillment of true joy and humble leadership that arise are beautiful to behold.

Trusting God’s Leading

Luke 12:7 tells us that God knows the number of hairs on your head. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but every morning when I brush my hair, copious amounts of hair remain on my hairbrush.  I don’t think I want to know how many, but God knows. He cares that much! If He knows how many hairs are on your head, don’t you think that He knows your passions and desires? He knows what will fulfill you and the areas of serving others that will inspire you most in your own walk.

You may be saying, “God, I’d love to know what that looks like for me, could you fill me in on the secret?”

We must remember that oftentimes God calls us to obedience before He reveals His plan. So, what step of obedience is He asking of you today? Is He calling you to give something specific over to Him? Whether it be your perceived lack of self-worth, the talents you hold back because you are scared of serving in certain capacities or a struggle you need to let go of, lay it down. You can trust that God has something better for you because you are divinely designed to be uniquely you!

Lauren Cartwright lives in Burlington, VT, where she serves as a collegiate missionary and is involved in women’s ministry. She blogs at www.pursuinghope.org