A Word from the Executive Director on Apologetics & Evanglism

Faith. Science. God. Facts. Theories. Sometimes it seems that these words are all opposed to each other. I think they are far more intertwined than we realize, but perhaps not in the way we think. Our post-Christian culture would like to separate science from faith and scientists from belief in God. But that effort to separate these interwoven concepts often forces scientists to accept mere theories as facts ... then to ignore any facts that do not fit the theory. This is causing many young adults to question the validity of their faith, which is exactly the plan of the Enemy. Can faith and science actually complement each other instead of oppose each other?

As a non-scientist, I am surely not the expert on how to solve these age-old dilemmas. But as a reasonably well-read, educated, intelligent person, I am capable of understanding more of these issues than my secular counterparts may like to admit.

Let’s take just one example: the magnetic field of the earth. We have been able to measure the magnetic field of the earth for nearly 200 years. The facts reveal that the field decays at a certain rate over time. Though there are some variations here and there, if we take the raw data and extrapolate it backwards, the earth can only be a certain age because the magnetic field would be too strong for life to develop if we go back past that age. Depending on how one wants to handle the occasional variations, that time frame is between 10,000 and 50,000 years. Definitely not millions or billions of years. This is factual. But because limiting the age of the earth to 10,000 to 50,000 years does not fit the current scientific theory, evolutionary theorists have developed an entire field of study on the earth’s magnetic field that inserts random “reversals” of the field into the time line to create the possibility of millions/billions of additional years. But no actual factual evidence supports these reversals. They are simply theories dreamed up to create a way to make the acceptable mantra of an old earth fit the scientific facts for a relatively young earth.  But just try sharing the facts about the earth’s magnetic field in a high school or college science classroom. One would get a negative reaction from most everyone in the room. Not because the facts are wrong, but because it does not fit what is acceptable group-think on today’s academic campuses.

The church must help our members learn how to understand the facts of science without falling prey to mere theories that masquerade as facts. They must not only know how to understand them in their own minds, they must learn how to defend them when challenged. This is a daunting task, but there are numerous organizations that can help the church with this education process. There are books to read, as well as scholarly articles and online resources that can equip Christians to engage in discussion on a wide array of topics that confront the lies our culture tries to pass off as facts.

What is your church doing to equip your members to defend their faith effectively?