NAMB President Meets BCNE Board of Directors

Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board, visited the BCNE board of directors meeting Oct. 11 in Northborough, MA.

Sharing a devotional from Romans 12:9-21, Ezell exhorted pastors and leaders to guard their hearts during challenging times in ministry by staying focused on Christ.

“In the midst of God’s call to lead His people, we’re to protect our hearts because they can easily become calloused,” Ezell said.

Remember Who you’re following.
— Kevin Ezell

Reminding his audience to remember their calling rather than focusing on others’ responses, Ezell said, “You’re called to lead, not necessarily be liked. Remember Who you’re following.”

Finally, Ezell exhorted church leaders who are feeling uncertain about the future to “do the next right thing” and leave the results in God’s hands.

Following a call to order, Ezell participated in a Q&A time regarding NAMB’s partnership with state conventions.

Responding to questions about ethnic church planting, inner city church planting and how existing churches can partner with church plants, Ezell emphasized NAMB’s desire to be a good partner to New England churches.

“Our goal is to see more churches in New England reaching more people in New England,” Ezell said.

Our goal is to see more churches in New England reaching more people in New England.
— Kevin Ezell

Ezell also expressed a wish to see more co-vocational planters, indigenous planters and existing churches partnering with planters. He stated that church plants can’t happen without existing churches supporting them through prayer, financial gifts and even mentoring programs such as internships.

Ezell commended New England churches for increased giving, increased baptisms and increased church plants, stating that he often holds up New England as an example of how God is working in North America.

Ezell also met with the board of directors’ committee on church planting. He has additional plans to meet with Boston church planters while in New England later in the week.

Kimber Ross serves as communications coordinator at the Baptist Convention of New England.