Does your church struggle with a lack of men who are spiritual leaders in their homes and in the church? If so, you're not alone.

The good news is that you can reverse this trend by developing a plan for reaching and discipling men. And the Baptist Convention of New England is here to guide you through that process, leading to more men who are fully engaged, being discipled and making disciples.

Church Coaching Models

If you're interested in growing your men's ministry or starting a new ministry, we are available to equip you using three coaching models that will help you cast your vision and develop your men's ministry.

  1. Vision Casting for Pastors (3 months): Based on your church vision, we'll walk you through an assessment and help you think through a concrete vision for the men in your church.
  2. Building a Men's Leadership Team (3 months): We'll guide you through the process of organizing a men's leadership team, from identifying the character of future leaders to establishing a prayer strategy and inviting men to serve with you.
  3. Building a Strong Men's Ministry (6 months): Together we'll get into the nuts and bolts of building an intentional, sustainable men's ministry, including outlining a yearly calendar, scheduling outreach events, launching a discipleship plan and facilitating yearly training.

Take the first step to a stronger men's ministry at your church. Contact David Langer at 860-377-2229.