Whether it's as a vocation or as a volunteer, you are constantly investing in the growth of God's Kingdom in New England. We value all that you do and want to support your work! That's why we offer a variety of training sessions to help your church maximize its effectiveness in the areas of Sunday school, small groups and discipleship.

Our trainers are experienced in New England's unique context, and our events can be customized to meet your church's greatest needs. Choose from dozens of topics in areas such as: Bible study preparation, teaching techniques, the Gospel and discipleship, spiritual development and more. Click the buttons below for a sample of available sessions, then contact us to start planning your personalized training.

Schedule Your Training

If you're ready to organize a customized training, here's what you can do:

  1. Read through our training options above and choose the themes that would benefit your church the most.
  2. Contact other nearby BCNE churches to see if they would be interested in a joint training. Choose some possible times and locations.
  3. Contact Sandy Coelho at 508-393-6013 ext. 234 to discuss your needs, goals and ideas. Finalize the details.

Customized training is only available for BCNE member churches in good standing.