Does your church have some specific children's ministry needs? We'd love to equip you by creating a personalized training for your church or group of local churches. We have a number of sessions that can be combined to help you become more effective in your unique situation. 

possible session topics: 

  • Understanding Today's Kids & Their Families
  • How God Has Designed Preschoolers to Learn
  • Teaching Preteens
  • Helping Kids Become Doers of the Word
  • Core Doctrines for Kids
  • Sharing the Gospel with Today's Kids
  • Kids & Prayer
  • Kids & Worship
  • Spiritual Development of Children
  • Guiding Kids' Behavior
  • Parenting from a Christian Perspective

Schedule Your Training

If you're ready to organize a customized training, here's what you can do:

  1. Read through our sample list of training sessions, and choose the ones that you think would be most helpful to your church.
  2. Talk with other BCNE churches in your area to see if they would be interested in training together. Brainstorm about potential times and locations.
  3. Contact Sandy Coelho at 508-393-6013 ext. 234 to discuss your ideas, as well as any special needs. Finalize the format, time and location.

Customized training is only available for BCNE member churches in good standing.