The safety of children is a nonnegotiable priority for the Baptist Convention of New England. As part of our ongoing efforts to increase safeguards to protect children, we are implementing efforts to help our churches and mission teams become Kids Safe.

Please note: All mission teams working with children or youth, as well as the church hosting the team, must be Kids Safe certified.

Your mission team must:

  1. Ensure that everyone on your team has had a valid background check within the last three years.

  2. Ensure that everyone on your team has gone through some form of child protection training.

Background Checks

For information on why and how to do background screening, see this resource from our partner, Brotherhood Mutual.

If your church needs help running background checks for your volunteers, we recommend the following services:

Child Protection Training

If your church does not have child protection training in place, you may use the following video. All members of your team must complete the video training.

Developing a Plan

We highly recommend that every church develop their own child safety and security policies. This should include getting advice from an independent, qualified attorney who can address state and local laws. You may consider watching the MinistrySafe Video series to think about issues that should be addressed in your policies.