Life Long Pursuit

“Reading the Bible theologically is a life long pursuit. At the same time, students of the Bible will begin building upon their knowledge of God from the very first day that they open the pages of Scripture.” 1

This is the life and ministry of a collegiate missionary.  We are growing every day, living the “life long pursuit.” And, every week, we are hopefully opening the Scriptures with someone who is just beginning the pursuit. We talk about evangelism, disciple making, missions all from a biblical understanding. These are activities, but more important than this is our life as missionaries. In summer we rest, we pray, we prepare and we read.  Keep drinking from the well of Scripture!  

And as we look forward, let’s pray together that all across New England’s campuses, God will give us the joy of being part of the “first day” for students. 

1 Richard Alan Fuhr, Jr. and Andreas J Kostenberger, Inductive Bible Study, (Tennesse, B&H 1 Academic, 2016), 16.