Dear Church Planting Wife,

I know your heart to serve God with holy abandon. In some ways God is calling you out of your own personal Egypt. There was comfort and security back there. There was a predictable path back there. The path out of Egypt and into the Promised Land will not be easy. There are hot, dry stretches of life along the way, and sometimes the people of God turn aside while you are busy seeking God on the mountain. 

God always calls us first to Himself, then into His plan. God calls you to trust and obedience often before He grants you understanding of the details. Your faith will be stretched before it is strengthened. 

You are not alone. We are building connection points for our New England church planting wives to meet other CP wives, to be encouraged by those who walk the path ahead of you, to find prayer support and to learn how to lean into God. We also hope that you will share opportunities and resources with everyone as you encounter something great.

Facebook group: New England Church Planting Wives  (with resource postings)

Spark: WebEx online meet ups: On the 1st Thursday of each month at 10:30 am or 7:30 pm (online or via phone). We will have a new topic and speaker each month, and the agenda consists of 15 minutes learning, 15 minutes Q&A, 30 minutes of unscripted talk time. If you are a BCNE CP wife and would like to be invited to the Spark WebEx hangout please email me at

Local Gathering: As available in your area. Let us know of your interest. 

You are always in our prayers!

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Joye Jackson
Church Planting Administrative Assistant (and former church planting wife)
508-393-6013 x242