New England is America's educational capital. More than 230 accredited colleges and universities educate students in the six New England states. With nearly one million college students from multiple nations, the campuses of New England are a strategic location to share the Gospel.

We invite you to participate in the movement to make disciples on New England campuses. Start by viewing the videos below and praying regularly for the requests listed. You can also download the resources at the bottom of the page to share with your church.

If you're interested in taking a more active role in reaching New England students, there are a variety of possibilities, from sharing the Gospel with students to helping plant a new church. To learn more about these opportunities and more, contact Andy Haynes at

Prayer Request Videos

Video 1: Pray for churches and Christian ministries to meet many new students, leading to the spread of the Gospel and new disciples.

Video 2: Pray for students and leaders to boldly talk about Jesus on campuses.

Video 3: Pray for the Holy Spirit to open students' hearts and for them to respond in faith.

Video 4: Pray for collegiate missionaries to stay strong in their faith.

Video 5: Pray for churches and church plants to connect with students and for more new churches to be planted on college campuses.

Video 6: Pray for Christian student leaders to love the Lord above all else.

Video 7: Pray for the Lord to raise up student leaders across New England.