God is working in New England in amazing ways, but humanly speaking, the needs are greater than our resources. If you feel led to pursue a short- or long-term partnership to share the Gospel in New England, please consider some of our top-priority needs for 2017.

If your church has a particular skill or a desired date or location that does not match any of our posted needs, we would be glad to investigate other ways your vision may fit with the strategy of a BCNE church. Use the red button to request a custom placement.

For more information, contact Tim Buehner at 508-393-6013 ext. 222. Teams traveling to New England for the first time are encouraged to look through our resources and tools for mission teams.



#25-18 Partnership: Glastonbury, CT ~ Church Plant
The River Church has been able to utilize a used church building. This young church is seeking to reach and minister to families throughout the region. They need mission teams for Spring and Summer 2018 to assist with prayer walking, kids camps, movie nights and block parties in order to reach families. They also need a new keyboard, PA speakers and ongoing support.
Contact: George Lim, 619-246-6504


#42-18 Waterbury Baptist Ministries, Mission Teams

Waterbury Baptist Ministries is looking for mission teams for this upcoming Summer 2018. They need teams for a variety of VBS style day camps they do throughout the month of July. They already have a team for the week of July 30-Aug 3 but are looking for teams for July 22-27, July 15-20, and July 8-13. They need to have the teams without a gap, so please schedule backwards from July 30 if you are able to serve. 

Contact Pastor Maner Tyson at or 203-754-5140 (Church)

Baptist Church, New London, CT
Huntington Street Baptist Church is an urban church in need of a fresh paint on the outside. They need a team to power wash and paint the exterior of their concrete block education building which is three stories, about 60' by 30', readily accessible from the paved parking lot, using a towable lift, available for rent locally. They can cover the cost of the paint and lift, if needed, but would rather save that money for roof maintenance! They may also have need for tree removal at the parsonage. The church can house up to 50 people, have a kitchen and showers too!
Contact: Pastor Bud Westbrook 860-460-3437
#4-18 Evangelistic / Community Events Quinebaug, CT ~
Church Plant - Quinebaug River Church
This church now does two large community events a year in order
to build relationships and connect the church to the community that mission teams are needed to serve in. They are:
Princess Party
The biggest party of the year for princesses aged 12 and under! Singing and dancing, hair and nails, food and friends! It is held in a local grade school. Conducted in April.

Tough Buddy
This event is an obstacle course mud run for students 12 and under, and is scheduled for a Sunday in September in a local park.
Contact: Pastor Josh George  or 860-478-1244
#3-17/18 Partnership, Hartford CT ~ Church Plant

Living Faith Church wants to worship in a facility in
which it can generate earned income to sustain the
ministry. Although donations from weekly visitors and members are accepted, the socioeconomic climate of the neighborhoods where the church plant is located suggest earned income and donations from non-local partners will be necessary for sustaining ministry activities.
With that in mind, they would like to purchase and rehab a multifamily building with ample meeting space in the lower level for weekly gatherings, fellowship and community activity. The residential portion of the building will be rented to cover operating costs of running the building, pastoral support and other church
expenses. They could use mission teams to assist with VBS and other evangelistic events as well.
Contact: William Clark or 863-512-2947
# 9-18 Construction (Renovation / Repair) (Haitian Church
French Speaking Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT (FB) has a need for mission teams to renovate or repair the second and third floors of the church building for other ministries. Help is needed in the area of installing: -Sheetrock for Ceiling and walls, Carpet for floor, New Windows and Framing, Painting, Kitchen sink, Cabinet,
pantry, Bathroom and sink. Any financial donation to get materials would be helpful but is not essential. While housing can be in the
church building, there is no kitchen nor showers. Specific needs include:

1) Installing a bathroom with pump in the basement of the church
to allow people to use
2) To renovate the second floor that includes
     a) Breaking a wall to make space for children's Sunday School
     b) Remodel the Whole floor of the second floor
     c) Taking down of old Sheetrock to place new ones
     d) Running of electrical wires/power to second floor
     e) Putting windows on the second floor (about 15 of them)
Limited finances are a roadblock to achieving the above. They count on your prayer that God will open up doors for them.
The church location is 206 Walnut St, Waterbury, CT 06704. Teams are needed any time. If you have interest or ability to help this growing Haitian Church plant,
Contact: Pastor Michael Dessalines or by phone at 203-568-5469 or 203-802-1184.


#16-18 Children & Youth Partnership ~ 3 yr. Church Plant -
Green Valley Crossing, Putnam CT
This growing church in a town of 10,000 is in the second phase of its growth. Their children and youth ministries are in need of investing to meet the growth. Some of what is needed are: teaching materials, craft supplies, furnishings and toys for
preschool or children. This church is baptizing new believers and is fully committed to planting other churches in the region where only 2% of the population know Christ.
Contact: Riley Prather or 860-933-9822 See:
#30-18 Construction (Clean & Paint): Huntington Street

#28-18 Construction (Renovation, Painting, Repair): Melrose,
Grace and Faith Christian Church, an established Haitian church, has a building which needs renovating! It is an old church building in which numerous areas need to be fixed up and painted:

• Build a couple of bathrooms with
• Build a kitchen
• Painting (interior and exterior of church building)
• Masonry to repair stucco
• Electrical
• Carpeting
Boston or MA churches that can work a long weekend or commute for several days are encouraged to respond to this need.
Contact: Emmanuel Fontaine  or 781-608-0509
#18-18 Cultivation & Evangelistic Events: Fall River, MA

Redemption Fellowship, located in a multi-cultural blue collar city, is in need of teams to assist with conducting a sports camp in the summer. They also need teams that can prayerwalk, do survey work in neighborhoods and lead fun activities for kids and
families sometime in July or August. Housing is available at the church with kitchen and showers. They also seek prayers for finding mature Christians who are willing to serve with their
Contact: Tom Cabral  or 919-761-3671.
#19-18 Construction (Renovation): Charlestown, MA

First Church of Charlestown is an older congregation with a new pastor that has recently joined the BCNE. It is a historic church building and needs mission teams to assist with painting,
flooring, and electrical. Housing can be provided at the church (equipped with showers and kitchen).
Contact: Erik Maloy 617-970-6711.


#13-18 Worship Leader (Part-Time) & #23-17 Partnership:
Providence, RI ~ Church Plant
West End Community
Church is looking for a part-time worship leader to help with organizing and directing worship as part of their Sunday afternoon service. Qualified applicants will have experience leading worship and must be willing to adapt worship style to fit the urban context. Being bilingual (Spanish) and having experience in an inner-city, diverse context is also a plus. A small stipend is available, as well as the ability for the worship leader to raise funding and be paid under the umbrella of West End Community Church's payroll system. Please send all resumes and cover letters to Pastor John Ames. They need partners to assist with financial support and a van with handicap lift. They also could use teams to assist with prayer walking, evangelism, VBS, sports camp, construction and a block party. Looking for outside people and resources.
Contact: John Ames  401-484-7104
#29-18 Construction (Renovation & Repair): Cranston, RI
~ Church Plant

Grace Bible Church has a building, which is in need of many renovations and repairs. They are now the only evangelical church in the heart of this city. Some needs are: exterior trim paint, siding repair, fellowship hall, office renovations, and possibly shower installation for visiting mission teams. Housing options include: church building (includes kitchen), local hotels and RI School of Design. Airport is in nearby Warwick, RI.
Contact: Dan Crichton  401-481-0030
#10-18 Evangelistic Cultivation & Events: Mount Hope
Church, Bristol, RI

This young church plant meeting in a beautiful old school is making an
impact to a very old historic community and is seeking partners to assist. Teams are needed for youth and family evangelistic events, prayer walking and more. Partners are needed to help them grow in these embryonic first years. Come alongside and see what God will do.
Contact: Planter Joel Sedam or 401-742-4582

#6-18 Construction (Renovation and Repair) Teams
& Partners: East Greenwich, RI

Frenchtown Church, an older church, is at the beginning of re-visioning how it can more effectively reach its community and neighborhoods while revitalizing the church body. They need partners to come alongside with prayer, teams and a cultivation mindset to start something new. Needs include:
• Re-siding building
• AC & heating install
• New in-code handicap access ramps
• Prayerwalking
• Additional core team members
• Targeted evangelistic events
Contact: Randall Curtis or 401-447-2187
#15-18 Evangelistic Events: East Providence, RI ~ Church
Lighthouse Baptist Church
325 Waterman Avenue, East
Providence, RI 02914.

This is a great multicultural
church plant in East Providence.
Some of their Partnership Needs:
• VBS team – this church has a great connection with the community and over the last summer did some outreach in their church parking lots. As a result, they now have an active youth group and children ministry.
• The church is in a great location for block parties, car wash, etc.
• They would welcome Family mission teams in order to serve together.
Contact: Church Planter Phil Smith  or (401) 365-2162

#1-18 Rebuild Construction: Windsor, ME ~ Church Replant
Windsor Christian Fellowship needs
assistance completing a total building rehab of their very old worship center. The rough work and shell are done, as are the windows and doors, but now they need assistance with electrical, insulation, sheet rock, painting, vinyl siding and flooring. A team is forming for Feb. 2018 Both finances and labor are needed. If you can help, please contact them soon.

Contact: Brandon Dyer 401-419-4374


#21-18 Construction (Handicap ramp, excavation, wall and
entry): Baring, ME
Baring Baptist Church's congregation uses its lower level fellowship hall for, but many older adults in the
church and community have mobility issues. The church wants to construct a new handicap ramp, retaining wall and entry. Multiple teams will likely be needed to design the ramp and build to the lower level from the outside of the building. Teams can stay in the church, which has a kitchen. This church is located on the far eastern edge of Kingdom work in New England.
Contact: Bobby Oliver or 207-454-0531
#5-18 Evangelistic Events, Partner Funding & PaintingSet Free Church, Skowhegan, ME ~Church Plant
This newer plant is a Rescue
Mission Church Model dedicated
to reaching the down and out,
substance abusers, homeless and broken. There will be a residential program of
accountability and discipleship. Partners can assist with numerous needs including:
• Mission teams and funding to help with evangelistic events,
block parties and street ministry
• Funding and assistance with other building renovation issues
• Teams for serving in many forms of ministry and events
Contact: Church Planter Michael Ohara or 207-408-1717


Our church plants have various needs not listed here. The greatest is for prayer and partnership. Here are links to explore some of their needs: 

Boston church planting

Vermont church planting

Connecticut church planting


#36-18 Construction (renovation): Rice Lodge, Northborugh, MA

Rice lodge is not only a historical landmark, but an active mission housing and ministry facility owned by the BCNE. It is structurally very sound but it is a bit outdated and in need of renovating. We plan to perform some upgrades the summer of 2018 and would love for you to come and help. There is something for everyone to do, no matter your skill level. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you to give you some additional details. We have a wonderful couple coordinating the work whom you can contact...

Contact: Kirby Sechrist, or 704-740-5553



#11-18 Construction (Doors & Windows): Caribou, ME
Calvary Baptist Church is a growing church that averages about 75 weekly. They need help replacing five exterior doors and numerous windows in order to reduce the cost of heating their building, the northernmost SBC church
in New England. They will help do the work of installing but could use a mission team to assist. Financial help in purchasing the doors and windows is needed. The cost for the doors and windows is estimated to be $5,000. Lowering the cost of heating will release more funds to reach out into the community and grow the church. They are also in need of updated lighting and carpet in our hallway that is ripping up.
Contact: Josh Presley 207-493-6608

#27-18 Evangelistic Event & Partnership: Orono, ME ~ Church
The Rock Church, a church plant, needs assistance with future
kids camp or VBS. They continue to slowly grow and are committed to serving families in the greater Bangor community. They would like prayer, a move to a more permanent location (their current location is portable), improving/repairing / purchasing equipment with a larger budget, and financing for that budget.
Contact: Buddy Eckman
#24-18 Partnership: Portland, ME ~ Church Plant
Resurgam Community Church is one year old and is in need of partners to
send mission teams and support through finances. Needs include mission teams for prayer walking, evangelism and block parties; electric / acoustic guitar, cohune and electric keyboard with accessories; a PA system and cords; and a large projector screen and projector.
Contact: Tom Trask 207-400-0490
#40-18 Solid Rock Church, Rockland, ME
Meeting: 22 Lindsey Street, Rockland, Maine
This church was begun in 2015 and is leading worship and Bible studies. What it needs most is a church to adopt them for prayer

~ pray for more core team members especially a worship leader

~ pray for community receptiveness in strategic outreach efforts

Contact: Church Planter Sam Bennett,
Or 865-200-6181

#35-17/18 Renew Community Church, Partnership / Evangelistic events / Prayerwalk, York / Kittery ME ~ Church Plant
Renew Community Church has a need for Prayer Walking Mission Teams - They believe it will be prayer that births a movement of God! Come take part in starting that movement. This particular project will be a recurring, short-term need, due to the strategic power and place of on-site prayers in church planting. Evangelism events and projects throughout the year with concentrated times through Spring and Sumer 2018. Events such as movie nights, service projects and door to door surveying.
They are seeking Core and Launch Team Members - Invest your life through advancing God's kingdom through becoming part of
our core team. Candidates will move on site and find local employment. These persons are needed to assist in all stages leading up to our future public launch with weekly services. Our
2018 launch date is not yet set but possibly Spring. Housing for teams at this time is limited, but let's talk.
Contact Church Planter Ron J. Plocinski 207.606.0421
#38-18 Prayer Walking Cultivation & Outreach Events: Anchor
Church, Boothbay Harbor Region, ME
Anchor Church is a young church plant that needs help with prayerwalking,
neighborhood outreach, resort ministry and outreach to retail and
hospitality workers including a large number of international workers from Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. They have a small construction project involving insulation, sheetrock and some light carpentry (tools available on site). They can house 5-15 at Multiply Maine's home base in Edgecomb.
Contact Pastor Roger Ferrell (FB: Roger Ferrell) or or 207-837-7484
#41-18 Helper or Helper Couple/Family: Rumford, ME
First Baptist Church of Rumford Maine is a new member of the BCNE and desires to have an individual or a couple/family come to help them work in their mission field. They seek for these
servants to reestablish their children’s ministry and/or assist with community outreach and evangelism. There are also practical trade needs for projects in their church building. Housing is expected to be available for anyone who is interested in serving.
They ask also for prayer as there is a large occult presence in and around their community, leading to a great deal of spiritual warfare. They also ask for prayers that the seeds they have sown
will produce fruit and that the people of their community will come to Christ.
Contact: Dan Pearson; 207-418-8520
#7-18 Evangelistic Event & Construction (Remodel) - New in Christ Bible Church, Merrimack, NH Church- 10
Twin Bridge, Merrimack, NH 03054. ~ Church Plant
This church plant needs mission teams and partners to do:
- Outreach and evangelistic events in the community.
- Light construction work - remodeling a business space removing some walls to expand.
- Prayer partners are also needed. They have been reaching broken people struggling with addictions, etc., as well as families. Also pray for them to deliver a bold witness into their
Contact Church Planter Jeff Muster 603-247-3231
#8-18 Evangelistic Events & Construction (VBS, Block Parties
& Potential Renovation work) Lake Sunapee Baptist Church, Newport, NH
They have been blessed to acquire an old building that they are trying to renovate and repair. They need teams to assist with this project before the turn of the year. The church needs
partners and teams to assist with:
• Community outreach events, after-school programs, VBS, prayer-walking, etc.
• They are also in need of a laptop for worship services
• Teams are needed to assist with building renovations.
• A new or used piano or keyboard.
Contact Church Planter Sam Coberley

#17-18 Construction and Evangelistic Event: FaithBridge
Church, Manchester, NH
FaithBridge Church, a seven-year-old church, has a number of construction related needs. They need assistance with interior and exterior painting, basic electrical (replacing switches and receptacles in 16,000 sq. ft. building), light renovation and repair. Additionally, they require kitchen floor work, replacement switches and outlets. They will need bathroom renovations (planning on 2019 project) and slate roof work in 2018. They are looking for a team(s) who could help.
Contact Rich Clegg 603-315-8549.

#12-18 Construction (Renovation & Repair): Hampstead, NH
Island Pond Baptist Church needs a
team to assist in repairing ceilings (due
to old leaks) and paint walls in rooms and hallways. They need a team to install carpet squares in classrooms, the fellowship room and a hallway. What they need most is labor, they can come up with most of the supplies
Contact: Pastor Kyle Lewis at or 240-447-6651
#33-18 Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Londonderry, NH
This young church plant has need of partnership and teams for:
- Teams to do repairs to rotting siding and painting the building exterior. We need a team that is skilled to do the work and one who can invest in helping us purchase the materials.
- Teams to help canvas neighborhoods with prayer and do outreach events to the community.

Church Planter Craig Little (
5 Rockingham Road; Londonderry, NH 03053 ~ 603-432-2109

#2-18 Construction (Building Renovation): Enough
Ministries, Barre, VT ~ Church Plant
Enough Ministries is looking at three
projects for 2018:
1) Rebuilding a shed roof over the handicap access to their homeless shelter.
2) Enclosing the space in an exterior walkway to make space for ministry storage.

3) Rejuvenating the space inside the church for children’s church.
They are looking for teams to also assist with the weekly soup kitchen meals providing a break for our busy members to enjoy time away. They plan on running a week long VBS if they can get
the right partner team as well as conducting a block party, which has effective in the past. They need for volunteers to cook, prepare food, assist with games, etc. Many of these needs could
be combined if a single mission team had the skills and calling to help out in multiple areas.
Contact Dan Molind at   or 802-595-5277

#20-18 Evangelistic Events & Cultivation: N. Springfield, VT
Precision Valley Baptist Church is a
church being revitalized to reach young professionals with families. They would like to seek partners and mission teams to help conduct VBS, evangelism, block parties, surveys and prayerwalking. Teams are welcome any time from late June through winter of 2018. The church has a house to use for mission teams with showers and kitchen.
Contact Lierte Soares (Junior) 857-277-2423
#22-18 Partnership: Castleton, VT ~ Church Replant
Hubbardton Liberty Church is located in a rural community (pop. 706) and is actually a "replant" of a church established in 1787. They need teams to assist with many functions of evangelism as well as help with
renovation and repair of its buildings. They are building a new addition and they do not currently have water, looking to build a well/septic system. They are in need of financial assistance as
well as volunteers. Fall in love with a small church and help it become a growing and multiplying church.
Contact Chris Poluikis 540-691-0405
#39-18 Construction, Northeastern Baptist College, Bennington, VT
Northeastern Baptist College has
grown up from grass roots hard work
and lots of missionary sacrifice. This is the first Southern Baptist college in New England and is in great need of mission teams and individuals to invest in its continued future. They are close to acquiring yet another building to add to their campus which will need renovating and further investments to make ready for use. Housing may be available.
Contact NEBC President Dr. Mark Ballard at or
Or (802) 753-7233
#34-18 Construction (Renovation & funding): New Creation
Church, Granville, NY ~ Church Plant connected to VT planting
New Creation Church launched their public worship in Feb 2017 and already have their own building which they are swiftly trying to complete renovations on. They have several items that need to be contracted out and are in need of raising the last $80,000 to complete the work.

They also now have a need for skilled carpenters and trades persons to complete the finished work. They have permits and local licensed oversight. All the framing, some electrical and insulation are done. They need help putting in three apartments and three classrooms upstairs. For more on the go to:
Contact Pastor Joel Aubrey at
or 612-267-9916