The BCNE is a missionary organization serving more than 370 Southern Baptist churches located in New England, one of the least religious areas of the country. Has God been stirring your heart for the people of New England? Your support is needed and valued! Please pray about partnering or serving in one of the following ways and contact Tim Buehner at 508-393-6013 ext. 222 for more information.

Develop a Partnership 

  • Come on a Vision Tour - Vision tours are an excellent way to experience the work in New England first-hand and make personal connections. Click to view our list of upcoming vision tours.
  • Partner with a Church Plant - Planting churches is a top priority. Discover several ways your church can develop a partnership with a New England church planter.
  • Partner with an Existing Church - Many existing churches have a Biblical vision and a desire to serve God but are struggling due to various circumstances. A partner relationship can help infuse new life into an existing congregation, helping it develop into a healthy, vibrant, growing church.
  • Convention Partnerships - Find out about the formal partnerships with BCNE currently has with other SBC state conventions.

Serve in New England 

  • Serve Short-Term in New England - Read through our updated list of project and partner needs to learn specific ways you can meet important ministry needs in New England. 
  • Resources and Tools for Mission Teams - Includes a checklist for mission teams coming to New England, as well as an extensive list of tools includes training resources, reading recommendations, information on security and more.
  • Serve as a Helping Hands Missionary - The Helping Hands program sends self-funded missionaries for one to 24 months to work on special tasks such as leadership development, mobilization, evangelism event planning, administration and more.
  • Serve in a New England Church - We regularly update this list of BCNE churches seeking pastors.
  • Support Baptist Work in New England - If you are interested in financially supporting the BCNE's work, we offer several avenues for giving.
  • On Mission News - Our missions newsletter with articles and information.