If ever a man was ready to receive Jesus… 

By Lisa Miller Sept 2014

On Friday August 22, 2014 I received an e-mail that informed me that our standby had been switched to a GO. So on 8/23/14 I phoned into my Disaster Relief leader that I was on my way at 8:30am. Arrived around 2:30pm and met up with the rest of the New England Team.

This was not my first Disaster Relief Deployment. Many times I have served in the Office, which we call the Incident Command Center (ICC). Never before was I activated as a Chaplin. To tell you the truth I did not really know why I was being deployed. The news had only covered the Islip, New York flooding one day. Nothing was reported about the devastation people were experiencing.

Our Team split up and began performing assessments around 3:00pm on Saturday the 23rd. I was devastated with the destruction of property people were experiencing. People of Islip and surrounding towns received thirteen inches of rain within a few hours. Imagine where all that rain went. It rushed into people's living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. The heartbreaking news was that nobody had flood insurance. They thought it was not needed, after all they lived in a non-flood zone. Close your eyes and think about all the items you and I have in our living area's. Photo albums, prized collections and a few others come to my mind. In just a few hours these people lost all of those cherished items. Also lost were washers, dryers, hot water heaters, freezers, refrigerators, etc. The replacement cost in the thousands.

Here is one of the best stories about being a part of this team. Homeowner Phil was called on the evening of 8/23/14. Phil answered the phone and said he had been praying for someone to help. I reassured him that John Scoggins and I would be there in the morning to perform an assessment of the damage because of the flooding. John and I arrived on site and began listening to Phil's needs. Phil had numerous medical conditions and could not perform the work that was needed in the basement. Phil said his thirteen year old Daughter had done lots already and she sure did. Many items were already carried out and placed in the back yard for disposal. John walked around and took the assessment notes. I asked Phil some questions and we had small talk. I learned a lot about Phil's jobs, family, hobbies and beliefs. Phil knew about God and his Sister attended a Baptist Church just minutes away. After the assessment John and I asked Phil if we could pray with him. Phil accepted and we all joined hands and bowed our heads and prayer together. At the end of prayer Phil was tearful and grateful for our help. John and I headed off to Church service after leaving Phil's home. We had a wonderful worship time with our team at Crossroads Church located in Farmingdale, NY, led by Pastor Sterling Edwards. After lunch our entire team went to lunch together. During lunch I shared Phil's story with Bruce James and Tim Buehner. I said, “if ever a man was ready to receive Jesus, Phil sure was”. I shared that night without a doubt that whoever went back to Phil's house, a new soul would be added to Heaven. The next day a Mud-Out team went over and cleaned and sanitized Phil's basement. During the cleaning Chaplin Dennis prayed and talked with Phil. Phil is now a new believer in God's love, which is found in HIS son Jesus Christ. Pray for Phil as he begins this new life with Jesus.

Along with the joys come some sad times. That's when we have to leave because family, work and other obligations call us back home. Please consider when asked to GO ----- GO. I have medical issues that should probably keep me home, but God always supplies my every need when I'm on mission for HIS glory. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to share the HOPE that is found in you.

When God calls will you GO?