DISASTER RELIEF NEW ENGLAND equips and mobilizes volunteers to bring relief and hope in response to natural and manmade disasters throughout New England and across the USA. 

We work alongside local and state emergency management, national Baptist partners, churches and associations. We exist to provide emergency relief in moments of great need. Volunteers serve by meeting significant physical needs after a disaster while doing so through the love of Christ. 

Natural Disaster is a Picture of Spiritual Disaster

"Let a flood or a fire hit a populous countryside and no able-bodied citizen feels that he has any right to rest till he has done all he can to save as many as he can. While death stalks farmhouse and village no one dares relax; this is the accepted code by which we live. The critical emergency for some becomes an emergency for all, from the highest government official to the local Boy Scout troop. As long as the flood rages or the fire roars on, no one talks of "normal times." No times are normal while helpless people cower in the path of destruction. In times of extraordinary crisis ordinary measures will not suffice.

The world lives in such a time of crisis. Christians alone are in a position to rescue the perishing. We dare not settle down to try to live as if things were "normal." Nothing is normal while sin and lust and death roam the world, pouncing upon one and another till the whole population has been destroyed."

(From A. W. Tozer;s "Born After Midnight" p, 30)

/files/Pictures/Missions/Disaster Relief/May07dismantle.gifServing in the Heart of Disasters

Quietly behind the scenes is a tremendous group of volunteers  among Southern Baptists in New England and elsewhere across the country are serving in the heart and middle of disasters. 
More and more churches understand the impact of what working together through this strategic ministry is doing or has potential to accomplish.

  • Raising and maturing church members as servant disciples.
  • Growing greater relationships with community leaders.
  • Provides more local and missional service opportunities.
  • God is using prepared teams and crews to show His love to hurting people.

We encourage:

  • You to invite any of our leaders (above) to come and do a 45 minute presentation on How to be Involved in DR New England
  • Churches to form groups or teams of individuals to get involved with this ministry
  • Churches / individuals to attend any of our training events to learn more or prepare to get involved

Real Disasters, Real Lives, Real Spiritual Impact

They happen every year in various ways and locations. Disasters strike. We can either take a reactionary attitude wishing they do not effect us or our neighbors or we could take a proactive preparatory stance in order to harness the power of God through Christian servants in order to impact lives at the greatest hours of need.

We Organize, Equip and Train in the Following Areas:

  • Assessment
  • Recovery (flood and chain saw)
  • Showers & laundry
  • Mass care feeding
  • Incident Command
  • Administration
  • Disaster Leadership
  • Chaplaincy