Embracing the Future is about more than just paying off an outstanding debt, it is also about funding key initiatives that are vital to the health of the ministry of the BCNE. Donors who contribute $1200 donation or more to the Embracing the Future effort can designate $200 of their gift to any one of the following five initiatives: 

  1. The BCNE Staff Fund, which supports the salary and benefits of staff positions that have been eliminated or reduced by the reorganization of our national partners but are vital to the success of our mission efforts. The positions focus on areas such as: church revitalization, leadership development,   pastoral development and youth ministry.
  2. The Collegiate Ministry endowment at the Baptist Foundation of New England, which provides ongoing funding for reaching college students. New England is home to 237 college and universities, 60% of which have no identifiable evangelical witness. Many of our nation’s politicians and business leaders are educated in New England. As we reach them, we impact the future of our nation.
  3. The Church Health endowment at the Baptist Foundation of New England, which provides ongoing funding for helping existing churches grow in healthy ways. We believe in church planting but we cannot abandon our existing churches in our quest to plant new ones. We must develop a healthy funding source for church revitalization projects for our existing churches.
  4. The Hoover Institute, which provides training opportunities for both pastors and lay leaders. The Institute works hard to offer training that is appropriate for our New England context, which makes it unique in Baptist life.
  5. The James Currin Loan Fund, which loans funds to churches for capital expenses when they are unable to get funding from traditional sources. Many churches have been blessed through this fund over the years, but more needs to be done to help churches with these large scale expenses.

As we develop new sources of funding for these five initiatives, our vision for transforming New England through Gospel-driven churches will be realized.