The BCNE encourages two main forms of giving: the Cooperative Program and the New England Mission Emphasis.

Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program is based on the belief that Christians can accomplish more for God's Kingdom when we work together. When churches send Cooperative Program donations to the BCNE, their gifts impact the entire world for Christ! A portion of the money funds ministry in New England. The remainder is sent to the national Southern Baptist Convention office, where it is used to support seminary education, as well as plant churches and send missionaries around the world. To remain in good standing, churches must give to the Cooperative Program regularly. Learn more or give online using the secure link below. Select the fund "Cooperative Program."

New England Mission Emphasis

The New England Mission Emphasis provides for local mission work that is not funded through our regular budget. Gifts help meet vital needs in the areas of church planting, church strengthening, evangelism and next generation ministries. Churches are encouraged to highlight the New England Mission Emphasis by praying and taking a special offering each year. Individuals can give at any time by using the secure link below and selecting the fund "New England Mission." Learn more about the New England Mission Emphasis, and pray for areas of need.