Dear Friend,

April* grew up in a troubled home. She tried to mask the pain of that upbringing through abusing drugs and alcohol. One night she was so high she started walking down the middle of a busy road. She was hit by a car and nearly killed. It took her months to recover. April knew she had to find a better way to deal with the pain of her past.

Though she did not know the Lord at that time, God was gracious to her and began to draw her to seek after Him. Eventually she found her way to one of our BCNE church plants. There April heard for the first time a Gospel that would change her life. But she did more than just hear Gospel words; she saw that Gospel lived out in authentic community. After nearly a year of Gospel immersion, April was gloriously born again. On the day of her baptism, her daughter, whom she had not been in communication with for eight years, showed up to witness the amazing transformation that was taking place in April’s life. April is now faithfully serving the Lord through that church and sharing her new found faith with friends, family and anyone else who will listen.

April is one example of how the BCNE invests your Cooperative Program donations for Kingdom advancement. When your church gives to the Cooperative Program, we use part of your gift to help church plants like the one where April came to faith. The BCNE is currently providing funding for 70 church plants across New England.

We also use part of your Cooperative Program gift to fund discipleship programs that are helping train people like April in how to share their faith. Over 3,000 people were trained in the last year.

We also use part of your Cooperative Program gift to reach the Next Generation. If we had been able to reach April when she was young, she could have avoided two decades of pain and despair. She could have been one of 1,400 teens involved in our youth programs or might have been reached on one of the 30 college campuses we are active on.

We also send part of your Cooperative Program gift on to the national office where they use it to fund six seminaries, like the one that April’s pastor was trained at. The national office also uses part of the Cooperative Program to fund two mission boards so that we can reach people like April in every corner of our nation and our world. We need your church’s faithful giving to the Cooperative Program to accomplish all of this. Without your gift, people like April will be harder to reach.

If your church has not been giving regularly to the Cooperative Program, I would ask you to prayerfully consider doing so. If your church has been giving, I would ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your gift. Your gift is critical to helping us reach people like April all over New England and to fund international and North American missions. One gift can make a difference around the world.

For your convenience, your church can now give online using this secure link. Just select the Cooperative Program fund. Thank you for your partnership in reaching New England, and the world, with the Gospel.

Your Missionary to New England,

Dr. Terry W. Dorsett

Executive Director, Baptist Convention of New England