A lifelong resident of South Carolina, Lloyd Jonas loved serving people who worked in Christian ministry. “We always had pastors and missionaries eating dinner with us or staying in our home,” recalls his daughter Kay Dorsett. “We grew up thinking every family took care of pastors and missionaries like that.”

He made numerous trips to Vermont during the 1990s to visit his daughter, Kay, and son-in-law, Dr. Terry Dorsett, who were serving as missionaries. (Dr. Dorsett is now executive director of the BCNE.) Though these trips were supposed to be vacations, Mr. Jonas was never one to sit around while work needed to be done. So each “vacation” became a mission trip. On one trip he installed a handicapped bathroom at the Washington Baptist Church. On another trip he renovated a parsonage kitchen. Once he came and painted all the ceilings in the Calef House and Retreat Center, which has become a hub of mission activity in Vermont.

After Jonas retired, he said, “I don’t want my hands to touch anything else that does not have eternal value.” He kept that commitment, making at least twelve trips to Haiti to build churches before his health no longer allowed him to travel.

In 2016 the Baptist Foundation of New England created the Sponsor an Hour Fund. The goal of the Sponsor an Hour Fund is to encourage people to fund one hour of ministry in the BCNE, which is approximately $125. For those donors that would like to sponsor more than one hour, they are encouraged to endow an entire day for $3,000 (24 hours x $125 = $3,000). Donors that decide to endow an entire day can designate a certain day to endow -- such as a birthday, wedding anniversary or other significant date -- as a way of honoring their loved one. If your family, mission group or church is interested in endowing a day in honor or memory of someone important to you, contact Dr. Terry Dorsett at tdorsett@bcne.net for more details.

The Baptist Foundation of New England is pleased to announce that the first person to be honored with the endowment of an entire day is Lloyd Jonas. In appreciation of his love for pastors and missionaries and his devotion to missionary work, the family has chosen January 1, Mr. Jonas’s birthday, as the day their endowment gift will fund. Dr. Dorsett said, “Because of the generous giving of this family, every year the work of the BCNE will start January 1st with a gift in memory of Mr. Lloyd Jonas, a fitting tribute to a man who loved pastors and missionaries.”