Just over 900 teenagers and youth leaders from 55 congregations around New England attended YEC (Youth Encountering Christ) Jan. 27-29 at Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, Mass. Keynote speaker Jon Bell shared on the topic "Following," based on 1 Peter 2:21b. 

This annual weekend conference blends large sessions of worship and teaching with topical breakouts and fun. Many students attend all six years of junior and senior high school. The Quest 18 team was commissioned during the weekend prior to their overseas trips in February. Quest is the BCNE’s leadership development experience for high school juniors.

Personal YEC reflection from Aki, a high school senior:

This weekend marks my last ever YEC as a student and wow... I am in total awe looking back and seeing just how heavily YEC and Crosswalk was used by God to influence and transform my life. It has taught me that my faith is LEGIT and that my IDENTITY is rooted in Christ and FORGED in his image. I have learned that I am a servant of God and that HE> I and because of this I feel no shame in my faith. I am FOLLOWING a God who is greater than any worldly possessions and problems and in doing so, I am willing to let it all go and in return receive the grace that God has given us. God has given me so many blessings through YEC. It is where I first felt the overwhelming joy of being saved and seeing others giving their lives to Jesus allows me to re-experience that joy. I've come to know some amazing people through YEC and many have grown to be my dearest friends. It has taken me to places where, 5 years ago, I'd never thought I'd go, and has allowed me to do things I'd never thought I'd do. I've been changed in so many ways and I can't begin to describe the feeling of being in the presence of God with 900 other followers. Through all this, not once did I have to search for God, because he had already found me. Being a Christian is more than just commandments. It's a personal relationship with the one who's given you life. It is peace in knowing that there is no guilt in life or fear in death. YEC stands for Youth Encountering Christ, but it is way more than just an encounter. Anyways. Throwback to YEC 2013. YEC THEMES: LEGIT 2013, IDENTITY 2014, FORGED 2015, HE>I 2016, FOLLOWING 2017