I have a confession to make: sometimes I wish that Jesus had taught us the parable of the prodigal daughter who returns home pregnant. I know this is wholly human and utterly ridiculous. But let me explain. 

Over the years, I have heard statements from fellow believers like: “The Bible is not clear on abortion,” “God gives us free will,” and “What chance would that baby have to become a believer to those parents? If they are aborted they will go right to heaven.” Statements like these grieve my heart, and I know they grieve God.

God has not stuttered on this subject, but we must understand it in the context of God’s utter sovereignty and the sanctity of every human life. Pregnancy represents life in spirit, mind and body. God alone can create life. Therefore, pregnancy is never an accident. Or, as I like to say, God never has an oops.

Frankly, it frankly does not matter when life begins physically. It does not matter what the circumstances are surrounding the pregnancy, except to affect how we minister. Every life began when God spoke, not a moment before. So when believers see a woman who is pregnant, a woman otherwise awash in rebellion and sin, let us rejoice!

Pregnancy is a life-altering event orchestrated by God; it is the gift of a giant reset button for her life. It is also an ideal time for the body of Christ to embrace her as she “starts life over again” as a mother. What a tremendous opportunity for the church!

But tragically, in 2015 in Massachusetts alone, 18,570 children lost their lives to parental termination, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control.  This represents 21% percent of all pregnancies in our state.

This is hard to reconcile in our human minds. Why does God give such a priceless gift to two people when He already knows their decision?

We can’t know entirely, but I will share the story of one woman who completed our post-abortion Bible study.  She said to me, “Kelly, I truly believe that I would not have come to Jesus had I not aborted my two children.” She said that her actions revealed her own depravity and literally broke her. Through the pain and shame, she was finally humbled enough to accept Jesus as her Savior. When we hear testimonies like this, we are reminded that God’s mercy and grace know no bounds and He never stops calling people to Himself. 

Let us also take notice as the church. There are suffering souls all around us that need to hear about the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Churches have many great programs like ESL, parenting classes and food pantries, to name a few. But what if churches across New England would prayerfully and with loving boldness offer post-abortion programs for their communities? I can’t imagine the lives that would be redeemed through this ministry of reconciliation.  

This year, please join us in praying for the Lord to bring many servants to this work. And pray that He would bring a great revival among the post-abortive community. Can you imagine? What Satan had meant for evil, God meant for good. For by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies, they overcame.

Kelly Wilcox is the director of Clearway Clinic in Worcester, Mass. Find out more at www.clearwayclinic.com.