I grew up in a Christian home, although we moved churches rather frequently, so I never had a place to grow roots and dig into the Word of Christ. I started to come into my faith at roughly 16 years old, when I began recovering from a deep depression that left me suicidal. One day while sitting and watching the sunset, God spoke to me. He told me that I was alive for a reason and that he loved me so much. I remember crying at the overpowering love of Christ after that. Still, I did not pursue God at that time, instead settling back into the motions of life.

Upon entering college and moving away from home, I became active in my faith and settled into a home church and became part of another church family as well. While settling in, God pursued me. Every Sunday for a solid two months I would go to church and leave with tears in my eyes. He was speaking right to me.

Most of my spiritual growth has happened in the last year. I started college and felt like God was talking directly to me 18 months ago, but didn’t know what to do with all of that information. I spent my freshman year of college floundering. I knew I was supposed to do something, and I wanted to get closer to God, but I didn’t know how. Then, last summer, between my freshman and sophomore year, I became connected with Calvary Baptist and the pastor there.

I was invited in as family immediately, and became involved in Bible studies and missional communities through them. The people there took an interest in me and my relationship with God and helped guide me. I learned about spiritual disciplines like prayer, reading and meditation and how to apply them. I am encouraged to ask questions that youth pastors shied away from, like what happens between our physical death and when Jesus returns for us. I’ve been encouraged to debate and learn from the other side of the debate. I’ve matured spiritually, from a point where prayer was awkward to now it is natural and part of my everyday life.

Sabrina Adcock is a student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle where she is involved in The Bridge, a BCNE student ministry.