Dear Friend,

Resurrection! The very word stirs something in us. When a failing business is resurrected, people celebrate. When an ailing sports team makes a comeback, people celebrate. When a marriage on the brink of collapse finds new love, we rejoice. How much more should we rejoice when individuals who were dead in their sins are resurrected to new life through faith in Christ. That is something worth getting excited about because it will last for eternity! And when a church that seems to be too far gone to stay open experiences revival and begins to thrive, that too is cause for great rejoicing.

As Easter, which I prefer to called Resurrection Sunday, approaches, it is a good time for us to stop and reflect on what the resurrection of Christ really means to us. To rest in the grace of God, knowing our sins are forgiven is a beautiful experience. To face whatever challenges life throws at us knowing God will enable us to get through it brings incredible peace. To know that God is not yet done with us but will continue to work on us until we are complete in Christ, gives us tremendous hope for the future.

I challenge you to use social media to share with everyone you know one Resurrection Blessing each day between now and Resurrection Sunday. Let's fill the digital universe with proclamations of His grace.

Your Missionary to New England,

Dr. Terry W. Dorsett

Executive Director, Baptist Convention of New England