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Baptist Convention of New land Newsletter  Mar 1, 2017
Thank you for reading our March 2017 issue, focused on North American missions. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram prayer network throughout the month for more stories and prayer requests about missions in North America.
Dear Friend, 
Her name was Miss Edna. She had lived her entire life in Texas. She had been a Baptist for more than 50 years. Though she had often done outreach projects for her church in Texas, she had never been on a mission trip outside her region. During the North American Mission Emphasis Week at her church, she heard about a group coming to Vermont on a mission trip and decided to join the team...(read more).
Dr. Terry W. DorsettYour Missionary to New England,
Executive Director 

Ripples Across North America: The Effect of Short-Term Missions
by Tim Buehner, BCNE Mobilization & Ministry Evangelism Coordinator
 Perhaps as a child, or even as an adult, you enjoyed tossing a handful of stones into a smooth, glassy pond and standing by to watch the multiple ripple rings collide with one another in an endless array of patterns. In many ways, there are similar spiritual ripples of transformation, ministry and change that occur as churches and Christians get tossed into the pond of short-term missions all across North America. 

Reaching the Nations at Home
by Michael Dean, BCNE/GBBA missionary and founder of Boston International Ministries
"This verse says that Jesus is God!" exclaimed the post-doctorate student from China, who had joined our international seeker Bible class in Cambridge. It is a wonderful thing to see someone's eyes of faith open for the first time, like our friend from China. He and his wife have joined our classes for over a year now, and last week his wife's parents also joined the class while visiting from Beijing.

A Message from the North American Mission Board

269 million of our neighbors in North America do not know Jesus Christ. Daily, we sit next to those without hope. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® changes lives forever by empowering North American missionaries to bring the go
spel to the lost.

Together we can equip missionaries and reach the unreached in North America through the power of prayer and through our financial gifts. Missionaries need training, resources and education. They need a community network. They and their families need support for the basics of living life while they build a congregation.

Your financial gifts provide a solid foundation for these missionaries, their families and the churches they are building. 100% of your gift is used to support and train missionaries in North America. We can't all go, but we can all give together.

Learn more or give online at You can also give through your local Southern Baptist church.

Partnering Makes Relief Ministry Possible Across North America
by Tim Buehner, BCNE Mobilization & Ministry Evangelism Coordinator
Many parts of the Church working together in harmony makes the impossible - possible. This is especially true in the area of Disaster Relief. Far from being an impersonal entity with equipment and people at the ready, Disaster Relief New England is made up of people from around New England and the United States who are passionate about serving God through serving others.

The BCNE relies on your faithful mission giving to the Cooperative Program to multiply Christ followers through partnering, equipping and encouraging. You can find a full giving report for your church here...
February News Highlights

From Feb. 15-25 32 high school juniors and 13 leaders traveled to four locations around the world for the mission phase of Quest 18. While serving in the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Scotland and Hawaii, students had the opportunity to use their spiritual gifts while demonstrating servant leadership and develop a heart for missions.

In February the Worcester Collegiate Ministry of the BCNE hosted Raleigh Sadler, director of Let My People Go. LMPG empowers the local church to fight human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable. Raleigh lectured in classes in Clark University and spoke on multiple other campuses during his stay. In March a group of students from Worcester will go to New York City to serve alongside Let My People Go during spring break.  
Baptist Convention of New England, 87 Lincoln Street, Northborough, MA 01532