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Dear Friend, 
Resurrection! The very word stirs something in us. When a failing business is resurrected, people celebrate. When an ailing sports team makes a comeback, people celebrate. When a marriage on the brink of collapse finds new love, we rejoice. How much more should we rejoice when individuals who were dead in their sins are resurrected to new life through faith in Christ...(read more).
Your Missionary to New England,
Dr. Terry W. Dorsett
Executive Director 
Resurrection Sunday in a Post-Christian World
by Bruce James, BCNE Director of Evangelism and Church Strengthening
It's Easter, and the church is full of first-time visitors who are there for no other reason than an omnipotent God has ordained it and some dear soul has invited them. This is truly a moment we should savor and not waste. With that in mind, let's discuss a few statistics about these visitors in order to better connect with them. 
Follow-Up: Crucial to Connecting and Shepherding
by Sandy Coelho, BCNE Leadership Development Coordinator
Easter is just days away, and it will be a great opportunity for the church to embrace visitors and welcome back old friends. As your church plans for how you are going to do that, know the people who visit or come back to church on Easter Sunday will need follow-up. Why is follow-up important?
Reviving Church Outreach
by Bruce James, BCNE Director of Evangelism and Church Strengthening
Matthew 28:19 clearly commands us to go and make disciples.  Unfortunately, the Church is not fulfilling this mandate. The result is that 75% of evangelical churches are flat-lined or declining. 

Let's be honest for a minute and ask ourselves: where was Christ commanding the Church to go in order to make disciples? Since the place of worship we now call the church building was not in existence, we must assume He meant we are to go into the world to make disciples.
Lifeway Backyard Kids Club Is Perfect for Small Churches
by Melva Davidson, Newbury Bible Church, Newbury, VT
Nothing gets me more excited than preparing for the current year's Vacation Bible School. The anticipation of learning Bible lessons, seeing how each classroom would work with their particular age group, singing the song available for each day, memorizing memory verses and figuring out how to make decorations for my church is just a part of the excitement that goes with VBS. For a small church in New England, however, this can not only get very costly, but it can also present a whole new set of challenges specific to a small church. 
Northeastern Baptist College Confirms Second Dean
by Sarah Carr, Northeastern Baptist College, Bennington, Vt.
Amid blizzard conditions, Northeastern Baptist College trustees confirmed Dr. Lee Williams as senior vice president/dean of academics and professor of history during their March 13-14 meeting in Bennington, Vt. 

Williams will be joining Northeastern's administration July 1 as the college's second dean, preceded by Dr. Brian Harmon.

"It is difficult to express the excitement I feel at the privilege of joining God in a work that is changing New England," Williams said. "The administration, faculty, staff and students have been carefully selected by the Spirit to accomplish a mission 'which you would not believe, though it were told you.' God's grace in giving me this opportunity is truly overwhelming."
March News Highlights

Vacation Bible School training institutes were held in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to prepare children's leaders for their upcoming summer outreaches.

About 80 people attended Awakening, New Hampshire's 2017 evangelism conference, which was held on March 10-11 and featured keynote speaker Dr. Alvin Reid.

Forty Disaster Relief volunteers were trained in at Northeastern Baptist College in Bennington, Vt., on March 24-25 as part of the Disaster Relief annual training and recognition luncheon.