Founded in November 1983 by Southern Baptist transplants who moved to New England for employment or military service, the BCNE now has more than 370 churches spread across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, as well as a few in New York. 

No longer a convention of Southerners, our churches now worship in 19 languages every week, with 40% speaking languages other than English during their services. We have planted scores of new churches, and many historic churches full of native New Englanders have joined the BCNE because they are excited about our mission of multiplying Christ-followers through partnering, equipping and encouraging.

On Mission in New England

The BCNE is a missionary organization. Although the New England landscape is dotted with two-hundred-year-old churches, the majority of people living in New England today are spiritually lost. On any given Sunday, less than 3% of 14.5 million New Englanders will attend an evangelical church. Sadly, some churches that call themselves Christian no longer teach a Bible-based Gospel. All six New England states consistently appear in Gallup’s top 12 list of “least religious” states, and at least 1000 towns and villages have no evangelical presence of any kind.

Internationals representing more than 150 languages and people groups have made their home in Boston and beyond. New England is also home to nearly 260 colleges and universities (including four Ivy Leagues schools) that educate almost one million students from around the world each year.

The BCNE is working to reach these lives through church planting, church strengthening/evangelism and next generation ministries.

Meet our staff.

Affiliation and Partnership

  • Churches interested in joining the BCNE, can learn more about affiliation.
  • You can advance the cause of Christ in New England through praying, serving or giving.
  • You can advance the mission and work of New England churches through partnering.

Our Beliefs

Our theology is expressed in The Baptist Faith and Message.